Yale Students Flood The Streets To Protest After Police Shoot At Unarmed Black Couple

There has been a week of protests in Hamden, Connecticut, after a Black couple was shot while sitting in their car singing along to music.

Photo credit:Mira Debs/Twitter: https://twitter.com/mira_debs/status/1119417671693557760

| April 23 2019,

8:47 pm

In a video released by local CBS affiliate WFSB-TV, Hamden police officer Devin Eaton gets out of his police car and opens fire at Washington and Witherspoon III while running down the street. 

On Sunday, hundreds of protesters from Yale flooded local streets to demand a statement from the police chief about the incident. Police officers claimed they were responding to reports of a robbery that occurred at a local gas station. It is still unclear why police stopped the couple's car, but Eaton said he began firing because Witherspoon III started to get out of the vehicle.

"Everyone is not a suspect. And that's how people feel," resident Kevin Walter told CNN affiliate WTNH. "We just want the police, we want the chiefs, we want the elected officials to understand that and hear what the community is saying. We just want accountability."

In video footage before the shooting, Witherspoon and Washington are seen kissing and singing "Nothing in This World" by R&B singer Avant and Keke Wyatt to each other. Moments later, officer Eaton opened fire. Officer Eaton has been placed on administrative leave, and the Yale police officer who was with him, Terrance Pollack, has also been placed on leave.

The mayor of Hamden released a statement on Twitter and Facebook saying police will release bodycam footage of the incident later this week and plan to meet again to discuss ways to move forward. 

"You need to look at what's really going on with the police...really look at how the police look at residents period," he said. "The police could be Black, white, Puerto Rican...it's just a police issue...I think we need to be respected as human beings and I feel like they really don't."

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