Sarah Braasch, the Yale grad student who called the police on her black classmate for sleeping in a common area, went looking for sympathy and found a dragging instead. 

Braasch posted a whiny white girl rant on Twitter complaining about how not minding her business has ruined her life, according to City Pages.

"You can't imagine the #pain of having everything you've worked for your entire life ripped from you in a matter of moments when you've done absolutely nothing wrong. All I ever wanted to do with my life is help people and make the world a better place. My life is over," she tweeted. 

In her second tweet, she posted a link to a news story about mobs in India killing people over social media posts. 

"I literally had to flee #Yale's campus and go into hiding for my safety. I'm a lifelong and proud #humanrights #activist who has devoted her life to #socialjustice," she continued. 

Her attempt to garner sympathy didn't work, and Twitter subsequently snatched her wig.

Braasch set her Twitter account to private after the hoopla and then deleted the account altogether. 

Braasch became infamous in May after she called the police on Lolade Siyonbola for sleeping in their dormitory's common area.

Siyonbola recorded a brief argument with Braasch and her interaction with campus police as they made her prove she lived in the building. The video went viral and helped set off a summer of stories shaming white people for calling the police on black people for mundane reasons.

The incident caused controversy on Yale's campus with numerous calls for Braasch's expulsion, but it is unclear if the school formally disciplined her. 

Days after the incident, Siyonbola complained about Yale's inaction:

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