Young black boys pay homage to Muhammad Ali in this video from Because of Them, We Can

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| June 07 2016,

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The legacy of Muhammad Ali will continue after his death, as is evident in the most recent video produced by the talented folks at Because of Them, We Can. Adorned in boxing gloves and gear are young, black boys who pay homage to the late, great Ali as they recite his iconic "Get Used To Me" quote

Photo: Because of Them, We Can
Photo: Because of Them, We Can

“I am America. I am the part you won't recognize. But get used to me. Black, confident, cocky; My name, not yours. My religion, not yours. My goals, my own. Get used to me.”

' The Because of Them, We Can campaign was created in 2013 with the intent to bridge new and old generations together with inspirational images and messages from some of the most powerful and influential black voices in the world. Their mission "to educate and connect a new generation to heroes who have paved the way" has been going strong and continues to uplift and empower people of all ages to remember and recognize black history as all of our history

While Muhammad Ali's passing leaves the world in mourning, this video serves as a form of strength, for his impact will live on in the hearts, minds, and bodies of those who will defend his honor and his legacy
Photo: Because of Them, We Can
Photo: Because of Them, We Can

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