I’ve only recently just gotten into makeup, but I know that I’ll be obsessed for a long time. When I first started my makeup journey I had tons of questions and nobody to ask. YouTube was a great source, but it could only teach me so much.

I remember the first time I went to the store to buy my tools and some beginner-friendly makeup. I had no idea what to buy or what tools would work best for me. Here is a list of the ten makeup essentials I think every beginner needs:

1. Cleansing face wash

Before putting any products on your face, always cleanse your skin. Whatever facial wash you choose, be sure that it’s the right choice for your skin type, and also that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. A good choice for most skin types is the Clean and Clear Morning Burst, which you can buy at almost any drugstore.

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2. Face moisturizer

Washing your face can be a bit drying, so it’s important to moisturize after. By doing so, you can ensure that your skin is flawless before applying makeup. My lotion of choice is just an off-brand oatmeal lotion from my local drugstore.

3. Foundation

Foundation is only necessary if you’re looking to do a full-coverage look. I enjoy doing a full face of makeup, so foundation is a necessity for me. The foundation that works best for my skin is the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, which has a larger variety of shades for women of color. There are so many things to look at when investing in a foundation, but some to watch for are coverage (sheer, medium, full), ingredients (especially if you have sensitive skin) and finish (matte, natural, dewy). Do your research and see what foundation has all the qualities and shades you’re looking for.

4. Concealer

Depending on what look you want to achieve, your usage of concealer will vary. It can be used as a corrector for dark spots or for highlighting and contouring. Whatever the use, it’s always nice to have and it’s good for accentuating the brows and keeping them ‘on fleek.’ My favorite concealer is the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer, which is extremely budget friendly.

5. Blending sponge

I don’t know where I would be without my blending sponge. When I really need to blend my concealer and foundation, this sponge is the perfect tool to use. Though many people like to go for the more expensive Beauty Blender, I just purchased one from my local beauty supply store for $3.

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6. Makeup brushes

Similar to my sponge, I’d be lost without my brushes. Since I’m still a beginner myself, I’m not an expert on the use of every kind of brush. I have a few, and I often use the larger ones to apply foundation or blend my makeup. The smaller ones work well for eyeshadow application. All of my brushes were a dollar at my local beauty supply store or at Walmart. Investing in more expensive brushes once you get familiar with makeup is worth it to many. They are often made with higher quality elements that don’t waste product, make sure your makeup blends seamlessly and don’t irritate your skin. It’s up to you to invest when you feel comfortable.

7. Lipstick (or lip gloss)

I am a lover of matte lipstick. It’s the cherry on top of any look I go for. It’s always great to have your go-to gloss or lipstick. It just makes your face pop. My favorite lipsticks are Transylvania by NYX and Heroine by Mac

8. Eye Pencil

Eye pencils have many great uses. They’re perfect for shading in your brows, lining your eyes, or even lining your lips to make them fuller, depending what shade you use (I buy mine in dark brown). They’re also about a $1 at the drugstore, which just makes them even better. 

9. Eyeshadow

If complex eyeshadow looks aren’t your thing, that’s a-ok. Just grab some neutral colors to use for a natural glow. I’m currently using a beginner eyeshadow set from E.l.f. Cosmetics. It has straightforward labels for each color telling you where to apply it on your eyelid.

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Photo: elfcosmetics.com

10. Makeup wipes

Removing makeup is just as important as applying it. No matter what makeup style you desire, always care for your skin first. After wearing any makeup, always use makeup remover wipes or a DIY makeup remover recipe. These are also pretty cheap. I grabbed a 30 pack from Big Lots for about three dollars.

Hopefully, my list is helpful for all the beginners out there. It’s more than what I had to start with.


What are some makeup tips you have for the Blavity family? We’d love to know!

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