I remember the day when I first discovered the awesome individual that is Issa Rae. It was during my undergrad — midterm season to be exact. So it goes without saying that I was slowly going insane and needed a breather.

One night, when I was at a library on campus, a girlfriend of mine asked, “Have you ever seen the web series Awkward Black Girl?” I replied, “No, what’s that?” She quickly opened up her Macbook Pro, went to YouTube and we watched episode one together. After about thirty seconds, I was hooked. It was like Rae could cover every black girl-related issue in under 15 minutes. She just got it. And she was funny as hell without even having to try.

Since her YouTube debut over four years ago, Issa Rae has blossomed into a prominent writer and producer in Hollywood, working with the likes of Shonda Rhimes and Pharrell Williams. Rae also released her first book in February. Go girl!

If everything you’ve read thus far hasn’t made you fall in love with Issa Rae, here are 10 more reasons why this spectacular woman is bae.

1) She loves to read.


2.) She’s a game changer…


3) She lives by the phrase, “can’t stop, won’t stop.”


4) She’s absolutely gorgeous.


5) She knows good food and loves to eat.


6) She follows her heart.

Source: David J. Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

After graduating from Stanford in 2007, Rae was debating between pursuing an MBA and going to law school. She ditched those ideas and became an actress and producer after Awkward Black Girl took off.

7) rocks her natural hair oh-so well.


8) …And is determined as hell to make a difference for Black women in the television and film industry.


9) When TV execs tried to make Awkward Black Girl more white, Rae basically said, “or nah.”

Source: The Urban Daily

10) And she’s only 30 years old. #BLACKGIRLMAGIC
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