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If More Women Shared Knowledge, More Women Could Win

"With one piece of information, she was on her way to being a successful business owner, and her success was in no way going to affect my success."
 • 9 days ago

You Got The Wrong One: Why Misogynistic And Patriarchal Ignorance Must Stop

Say no to toxic masculinity and mansplaining.
Fontaine Felisha Foxworth
 • 13 days ago

You're Not Busy, You're Just Not Managing Your Time Effectively

5 tips to rule your time this week and beyond
Keita Williams
 • 14 days ago

We Made ‘Black Panther’ Number One, But Can We Keep That Same Economic Energy With Our Communities?

Leveraging our economic power, across the board.
 • 14 days ago

As Starbucks Gears Up To Teach Their Employees About Bias, Here Are 3 Things Black Americans Should Know About Implicit Bias

"Kudos to Starbucks for setting a day aside for training, but this cannot be the end of the conversation."
 • 16 days ago

We Are Dope! The Meaning Of Black-aganda And Why It Is Important

"... people will continue to attempt to capitalize off of us, and then paint us as the bad guy when we speak up."
 • 21 days ago

How Broccoli City Festival Is Providing A Sounding Board For D.C.’s Long Forsaken Youth Culture

For me, the Broccoli City Festival was the perfect welcome home.
Priscilla Ward
 • 21 days ago

Slavery Is Not An Option, But Sometimes, Stupidity Is

Deconstructing Kanye's Slavery Comments
Marvin DeBose
 • 21 days ago

Please, Take The Hat Off: Why I Believe Kanye's Support Of Donald Trump Is Misguided, But Not Malicious

When all falls down for Kanye West, do we?
 • 22 days ago

4 Ways To Continue The Commitment To Black Excellence

Challenging the status quo.
Jamelle Sanders
 • 23 days ago

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