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Put Some Respect On Our Names: Why Rasheed Is Just As Easy To Pronounce As Siobhan

"Your name is your first line of communication with others ..."
Rasheed Ajamu
 • 11 days ago

'Surviving R. Kelly' Showed Me Just How Much We All Failed

"Whew, child! Black girls aren’t safe."
 • 11 days ago

10 Innanet Challenges That Should Have Never Been A Thing

Some of y'all be doing the most
Ida Harris
 • 12 days ago

Dear Black Girl: You Aren't Fast, The World Is Just Moving Slow

"Teaching one gender how to maneuver around the other, without teaching the other the same, is a problem and tiptoes on the edge of perpetuating rape culture."
 • 12 days ago

Am I A Bird For Watching 'Birdbox'? I Sure Feel That Way

Are we mindlessly consuming mediocre entertainment?
Judy O.
 • 12 days ago

The Women Who've Caped For R. Kelly, Cosby And Kavanaugh Are Appalling Iterations Of Ride-Or-Die Chicks

Like the men, they're also majorly problematic.
Ida Harris
 • 15 days ago

A Tale Of Two Marriages: Beyoncé, Cardi And Why Women Can't Win

Just do you, sis.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 17 days ago

5 Ways To Have The Best Turn Up At Home When Clubbing Is No Longer The Move

For many, gone are the days of waiting in long lines for overpriced drinks.
Vinciane Ngomsi
 • 17 days ago

8 Ways To Avoid The Recurring 'Hey Big Head' Trap From Your Ex

Tis' the season.
Charmaine Griffin
 • 17 days ago

7 Ways To Prevent Yourself From Throwing Hands In The Year Of Our Lord 2019

Leave the old you in 2018 'cause the new you is taking over for the 2019.
Ida Harris
 • 24 days ago

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