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Police Are The Real Problem: Why We Must Address Systemic Police Misconduct

"Would the employees at Starbucks and Waffle House have called the police if they believed the police would have acted neutrally?"
Brandon Terrell Hicks
 • 18 days ago

How Credit Scores Perpetuate Racial Injustice In America

Black Americans are more likely than ever to struggle to gain equal access to the financial world.
 • 18 days ago

Just Like Media Companies, Here’s Why You Should Be Responsible With The Content You Share

"It seems that the media outlets that have social media just post things for likes and shares. That can't be what we're passing off as journalism."
Ashley Rae
 • 18 days ago

If Trump Is Truly Concerned About America's National Security, He Should Know Most Of America's Terrorists Are White

Damn, Donald. WTF Islam Do to You?
Ida Harris
 • 21 days ago

Here’s Why The Southern US Border Crisis Feels Way Too Familiar

"What we have witnessed is a new wave of an old reality."
 • 23 days ago

Black TV Is Having A Moment, And I Think It’s Time BET Joined In

"There is so much potential for BET to run a range of programming, from reality TV and sports, to movies and children’s shows. So, why aren’t they? "
Mansuda Arora
 • 23 days ago

I Was Ghosted: Why People Should Speak Up Instead Of Playing With Others’ Emotions

Illustrated by the icon, Prince.
Camille Rahatt
 • 24 days ago

Obituaries Should Tell The Truth About The Dead Wrong

Death doesn't sanctify the dead.
Ida Harris
 • 25 days ago

Here’s Why Giving Anonymously May Be The Most Genuine Way To Give

"If you cannot give without a hook, perhaps you should reassess your motivations."
 • a month ago

Do To Others As You Would Have Them Do To You: How Our Behavior Impacts The Wellbeing Of Those Around Us

Anxiety and suicide are real in the Black community. Merely checking up on people isn't enough to make a difference.
 • a month ago

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