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Why BET’s Mean Tweet About Nicki Minaj Was Counterproductive To The Culture

"Hate her or love her, Nicki Minaj has been a staple in hip-hop ..."
Bradley Cannon
 • 10 days ago

African-Americans' Economic Setbacks From The Great Recession Are Ongoing – And Could Be Repeated

"Coupled with the net worth and homeownership figures not recovering and even regressed since the recession officially ended, it means that Blacks are still vulnerable to future economic downturns."
The Conversation
 • 10 days ago

Here Are 3 Things I Learned From A Female CEO About Love And Business

Women entrepreneurs' love lives sometimes run in the red!
Marilyn Shaw
 • 11 days ago

How Great Negotiation Skills Can Benefit Your Daily Life

"By developing good negotiation skills, we minimize misunderstandings, both at work and within the family setting."
 • 11 days ago

19 Black Sex Symbols Who Were Slept On

Check This Out
Tyler Young
 • 14 days ago

The Women Who've Caped For R. Kelly, Cosby And Kavanaugh Are Appalling Iterations Of Ride-Or-Die Chicks

Like the men, they're also majorly problematic.
Ida Harris
 • 14 days ago

Here's How The Jamestown Settlement Is Honoring BHM 400 Years After The Arrival Of Enslaved Africans

The Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown will have interactive exhibits and live performances to celebrate Black History Month.
Vinciane Ngomsi
 • 15 days ago

Here’s Why The MAGA Hat Deeply Triggers Me

"The MAGA hat allows racists to walk boldly among us."
Frederick Engram Jr.
 • 15 days ago

Beyond Blackface: Why We Need To Hold Governor Ralph Northam Accountable For Actions In His Past

"Northam, like many before him and even today, have been able to live life free of consequence for their past transgressions."
Michele L. Watley
 • 18 days ago

This February, We Recognize How ‘Black History Made Us’

Black history made us who we are -- and we must honor that.
Blavity Team
 • 21 days ago

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