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Dwyane Wade Supports His Gay Black Son, And Here’s Why It Matters So Much

We need more Black fathers like Dwyane Wade.
Joshua Mackey
 • 8 days ago

Why Lebron James' I Promise School Should Be More Like Lebron And Not Shy Away From Issues Of Race

"...schools must confront both poverty and race in the classroom in order to create optimal learning."
The Conversation
 • 8 days ago

No, Dwyane Wade's Son Isn't Too Young To Know He's Gay

Zion Wade is living the queer kid dream.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 11 days ago

50 Cent Isn’t Petty; He’s A Case Study In Misogynoir

And he’s consistently rewarded for it.
Amanda Monroe
 • 13 days ago

Poetic Injustice: Why The Loss Of Nipsey Hussle Made The World Stand Still

"My faith keeps me anchored, so I remind myself that God does not make mistakes."
Lacrisha Honeybrown
 • 14 days ago

How Steve Harvey’s Challenging Road To Success Inspired Me

"... there is no safe way to achieve great success."
 • 14 days ago

How Nipsey Hussle’s Death Has Helped Us Develop A Powerful Collective Consciousness

"As we mourn together, we are also pushing one another to find our true purpose ..."
 • 15 days ago

Viral Painter Alim Smith Directs His Visual Talents To Create A Stunning Portrait Of Nipsey Hussle

Alim Smith is painting for the culture.
Ida Harris
 • 16 days ago

Nipsey Hussle's Visionary Blueprint For Education

How his program, Too Big To Fail, might be the prescription to fix education for inner city kids.
 • 16 days ago

Why Nipsey Hussle’s Death Deeply Affected Non-Fans Like Me

Why I think the rapper's passing has left such an impact on the world.
 • 18 days ago

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