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If You Don't Understand That Blackface Is Racist, You Don't Deserve To Commemorate Halloween

"Are we going to see blackface this Halloween? Yes, because deep down, they don’t give a f**k."
Kricel Francis
 • 21 days ago

If More Doctors Listened, Kira Johnson And Many Other New Black Moms Would Still Be Alive

"Maybe doctors need to start listening more to their patients than to a machine."
Kricel Francis
 • 22 days ago

Why Real R&B Is Underappreciated And Misunderstood These Days

People born in the '90s and 2000s are ruining it.
Domonique A.
 • 23 days ago

Why Conquering Debt Isn’t Something You Should Try To Do Alone

It's time to demolish debt and win at life.
DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.
 • 23 days ago

Why Stephanie Grisham Can Forget About Us Protesting Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris

We are not boycotting Tip!
Joshua Rodgers
 • a month ago

Before You Grab Your Pitch Fork, Please Understand That I’m Adapting To A More Sensitive World, Just Like You

"... I have to walk on egg shells and dilute how I feel to correlate with how they might take it."
Lanae Dillard
 • a month ago

The Women Caping For R. Kelly, Cosby And Kavanaugh Are Appalling Iterations Of Ride-Or-Die Chicks

Like the men, they're also majorly problematic.
Ida Harris
 • a month ago

Why Your Welfare Shaming Of Others Is Lame And Counterproductive

"Contrary to popular belief, welfare is not a black cultural trait, but the stigma runs deep."
Angela Dennis
 • a month ago

Put That Phone Down So I Know It’s Real: Why I Believe Social Media Is Ruining Love

"We judge people based off their social media pages before we even get a chance to know them."
Angela Dennis
 • a month ago

Why Self-Care Means Caring For My Finances

"Existing at the intersection of being both black and a woman in America, and feeling like I was in an ongoing struggle against sexism, stereotypes and socioeconomic barriers, I realized that I could no longer fight these battles alone."
 • a month ago

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