So Lil Mama thought she was cute and decided to release a new video.

Not only was it bad, but she also decided to try to include almost every hit song  from I Don’t F*** With You to the Sausage song.

Watch the video below if you dare.

Here are the top questions running through my mind While Watching:

1. Why did she think it was okay to try and combine all the trends of 2015 into one video? I heard Trap Queen, the flicka da wrist, the sausage song, the whip, and so many more.

2. Why does this look like her G Slide video from ’08?

3. Black Jesus fix her hair.

4. Did she really #SausageMovement in the beginning? Bruh.

5. Don’t talk about the sausage in front of a bunch of kids cause we know you are not talking about the sausage that goes with eggs…

6. There’s like five different videos going on here. She somehow traveled from the streets of Harlem to the islands with RiRi and in between became Mary J Blige.

7. Wait that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jacket is kind of fire. Where can I cop that?

9. So is this a sex ed video or nah?

10. Everything.

I don’t know what’s worse this video or my GPA…


Here were some of the reactions from Black Twitter


If you want to see more funny reactions to the Lil Mama video check out #TwitpicYourReactionToTheLilMamaVideo hashtag trending on currently trending on Twitter.

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