Deaira Summers, 11, was attacked with acid at a Detroit playground. Not even a week after the traumatic incident, the preteen is speaking out about her harrowing experience.

According to WDIV, Summers played at Vernor Elementary’s playground with her siblings and cousins when a fight erupted. Though Summers wasn’t involved in the altercation, her family members were. Summers’ family said the mother of one of the girls involved in the fight handed her a bottle of acid. The girl then threw the acid at Summers and her family members.

“Two seconds later, it started like burning and went through my shirt, my shorts,” Summers told WDIV.

The 11-year-old suffered severe burns on her back, legs and arms. She managed to flee the altercation and ran home.

“I was screaming, and I was crying,” Summers recalled.

Summers spent three days at a nearby children’s hospital.

The whole ordeal baffles Summers’ mother, Dominique Summers, WXYZ reported.

She asked, “How does a child even think to bring acid to a park?”

To Summers’ attacker, Dominique said their actions are unimaginable and inexcusable.

“You don’t know what you did,” she told WXYZ. “I feel like it was the most evil thing you could do to a kid and especially the fact that she was an innocent bystander.”

Summers’ other family members are just as outraged. Her grandfather, Billy Summers, fears for her future emotional wellbeing.

He questioned, “How she gone feel going back to school? How she gone feel going on a playground again? How she gonna adjust to third degree burns all over her body?”

Dominique is worried about that too.

“It was a traumatizing event that took place, and she’s going to remember this for the rest of her life,” she told WDIV.

According to WXYZ, the Summers family relies on a GoFundMe campaign and a fundraiser at Billy’s restaurant, Roscoe’s Beans and Greens, to help cover the 11-year-old’s medical costs.

Meanwhile, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is seeking justice for Summers. They charged the alleged attacker — an unidentified 12-year-old — with intent to do great bodily harm and felonious assault.