Elijah Muhammed Jr. is making history through his early college journey, and he plans on eventually pursuing an education at a historically Black college or university (HBCU).

This 12-year-old smarty-pants is currently a senior at Prep One Collegiate Academy — a homeschooling program that’s conveniently led by his dad, Elijah Muhammad Sr.

On top of his high school studies, Muhammed Jr. is also a student at Oklahoma Community College (OCC).

“He’s graduating with his associate’s degree and his high school diploma at the same time, which will be next year,” the 12-year-old’s proud father pointed out, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

Notably, Elijah Muhammed Jr. isn’t the only person in his family to get an early start on his higher education journey, as his older sister — Shania Muhammed — was the youngest person to ever graduate from both Langston University and OCC.

Despite Shania making history by enrolling at Oklahoma City Community College at only 13 years old, her little brother broke this record by starting at 12.

We also have to point out that this child genius already has scholarships coming his way, as he was recently offered a scholarship to Rust College, an HBCU in Mississippi.

“I’m very excited about getting scholarships because I’ve seen my sister get multiple scholarships and I was like, ‘Man, I can’t wait until I start getting my scholarships,'” Muhammed Jr. said, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

While his early-age accomplishments may lead people to assume that he has to sacrifice his social life to study all day, this pre-teen notes that he enjoys a number of passions — including coding, wrestling and just chillin’ with his friends.

“I don’t have problems making friends, I’m really sociable,” Muhammed Jr. notes.

As for his post-OCC plans, Muhammed Jr. says that he has his sights set on carrying on his family legacy of attending an HBCU; he plans on pursuing a career in cyber security, and he has already collected numerous certifications in this area.

“I heard Hampton does have a good cyber security program, but I’m just exploring my options right now,” the 12-year-old said.

“A hundred percent, he will be going to an HBCU walking in the legacy in his mom,” Elijah Muhammed Sr. added, the Atlanta Black Star reports.

Shoutout to Elijah Muhammed Jr., and we wish him the best of luck on the rest of his educational journey.