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You Want To Be The First Black [Fill In The Blank]?

No thanks.
Ashlea Archer
 • 6 months ago

There’s Now A Report Card For Public Colleges And Universities’ Treatment Of Black Students

Many of the grades weren't great.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 6 months ago

Black Child, You Are Brilliant: 5 Quotes And Songs To Remind Our Kids Just How Great They Are

"While we can’t always control the horrendous deeds of others, we can help make sure our children don’t fall victim to the internalized racism that can develop when kids grow up in a nation that doesn’t value their lives."
Veronica N. Chapman
 • 6 months ago

New Voucher Program In Florida Wants To Help Bullied Kids, But There's A Catch If They Have Black Hair

There are so many opinions about what's growing out of black scalps.
Ricky Riley
 • 7 months ago

America's Schools Are Filled With Racism, And There's Only One Solution

Black educators have always been the key.
 • 8 months ago

Help Black Students Who Are Struggling In School By Focusing On Emotional Health Before Discipline

"A toxic kind of masculinity that says boys and men are not supposed to exhibit emotion or feel pain has taken hold in our society — it has a debilitating and often violent effect."
Marc Anthony Robinson
 • 8 months ago

The Internet Has Changed The Way That We're Getting An Education, Corporate America Needs To Catch Up

Free as in speech, free as in beer.
 • 8 months ago

J. Cole’s Critique Of The Tax System On ‘KOD’ Was Warranted, But His Vision Just Ain’t Going To Work For All Of Us

"J. Cole, I know you’re passionate about giving back and helping your community, but I want black dollars to last longer."
Xavier Buck
 • a year ago

After Going Viral, Founder Of Nigerian Street Dance Group Says They 'Won't Be Worrying About Food For Very A Long Time'

Nigerian choreographer Seyi Oluyole founded Dream Catchers in 2014 to encourage kids to go to school.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • a year ago

Why I’ve Concluded Code Switching Is Absolutely, Irrefutably For The Birds

I'm over it.
Tiye Naeemah Cort
 • a year ago

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