13 times Beyoncé pulled a Beyoncé and annihilated our edges at the VMAs

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| August 29 2016,

04:28 am

Sunday night, I knew what was up.

' My edges nor the hair line of any human watching MTV's Video Music Awards stood a chance. She did not come to play, and our baby hair was hers for the taking

The night was really Beyonce Video Music Awards, part II following her MTV 2014 takeover.

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Here are 13 times Queen Bey plucked at our scalps Sunday night

1. Bey and Blue Ivy's grand entrance on the white carpet.

2. Her subtle reminder that "sometimes sh*t goes down when there's a billion dollars on the elevator."

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3. Before the night was over, she sent Twitter into a frenzy.

4. When she brought along "hot sauce" and smashed a camera.

5. No caption needed.

6. Her greeting four of the Final Five.

Photo: MTV

7. This image from the finale of her performance.

Photo: MTV
Photo: VH1

8. When she sent Chance the Rapper into pre-cardiac arrest.

9. Booty werk.

10. Surpassing Madonna's record with most VMAs.

Photo: MTV

11. Her Lemonade squad.

12. Her continued support of black lives.

13. And, bringing along Mothers of the Movement every step of the way.

14. When she dedicated her "Video of the Year" award to New Orleans.

13. The greatest 15 minutes to ever happen on MTV.

Edges, gone. Jesus be some new growth today.

Photo: kissmycurls.com

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