13 Times Celeb Kids Perfectly Described You On Your TL

Because Blue Ivy knows how you feel.

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| March 14 2017,

02:17 am

Somewhere between Blue Ivy’s knack for shade and North West’s cute confusion, lies your social media spirit animal. With our timelines cluttered daily with politics, gags in the world of entertainment and who got famous, it can feel like an overwhelming series of emotions.

But don’t worry, these celeb kids know exactly how you feel. Here are a few moments our favorite little people perfectly described our reactions to our newsfeeds.

1. When Beyoncé's (legendary) Grammy performance inspired anti-Bey think pieces.

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Bey slander is never the answer for clicks. We won’t tell you again. Sincerely, the Beyhive. 

2. When Migos couldn’t just let us enjoy their music for the culture (and gave their opinion).


Photo: Hollywood Life

Why Quayoncé?! Why?! All we wanted was another hit single, not thoughts your thoughts on the LGBTQ+ community. 

3. When the season is mostly over, but you realize we have a black bachelorette.

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You go, sis! Still not watching it though. 

4. When you finally listened to Remy’s “shETHER”, and you’re a Nicki fan.

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A whole seven minutes of unsweetened tea! If it didn’t hurt your feelings, you weren’t listening.

5. When you're searching your TL for “No Frauds” and watching your friends fight over who “won”.

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To be honest, I think Nicki’s new wig on Instagram won this one. *sips juice*

6. When Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie decided to weigh in on trans women (and we all weren’t here for it).


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We let it go when you said Beyoncé’s feminism wasn’t your cup of tea, but enough is enough. We were all rooting for you!

7.  When another Stomp The Yard-esque movie hits Netflix and the Greeks are discussing. 


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The better point: Who let Alfre Woodard take this role? 

8. When Future drops not one, but two albums...and he STILL can’t leave Ciara out of it.


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Future fans, we know you've listened to "My Collection". It's time for an intervention. 

9.  When you think it's an early April Fool's joke that Frank Ocean dropped a new single. 

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But it turns out you’re just traumatized from waiting on the last album and you're happy it's true!

10.  When you and the TL are stressed because all your fears were confirmed in "Get Out".


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We knew it! If slaves are immigrants, the sunken place does exist. CC: Ben Carson

11. When fat shamers thought it would be cute to take shots at Gabby Sidibe.

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But she came back and unapologetically slayed your TL. Bye haters! 

12. That one time a reporter came for Chance The Rapper and his "good guy" image.


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But what she didn't know is that minding your business is a virtue. Bloop! 

13. When you see #ATLOrgy is trending and want to ask how it all works...

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...but you're too scared of the responses you'll get. *logs off*

As the drama continues,  you can at least rest assured that we have the shadiest gifs and memes as a means to self-care. Thank goodness.