The truth… I’ve never had a boyfriend. And every year I assure my parents that this is going to be my year, and every year I do nothing to start any romantic liaisons. Except this year something changed and I’ve come to learn a few things that many of you clearly have known for some time about this thing called love.

So here’s the story. There’s this guy…

And we’ve been friends for four years.

And well…

This year, cupid didn’t miss.

While I’ve been coming to terms that love is not a Babyface song (Mr. Edmonds set me, and all my feelings, up for failure), and that this may not even be my happily ever after, at least I now understand what it means to be waiting to exhale.

But you know who did have it right all along? Aretha Franklin. I was listening to Aretha the other day, and found myself marveling at how she just seemed to know everything that was going on in my life. I mean she even has the best names for bae (I mean, Dr. Feelgood… Mr. Big? C’mon son). Literally, Aretha has been singing my sweet, bitter love with her words. Let me just show you how Aretha be knowing.

  1. He’s the kind of guy that will say, “Hey baby let’s get away, let’s go somewhere, huh…where I don’t care.”

  1. Many say that I’m too young to let you know just where I’m coming from, but you will see…

  1. The little prayers I say for you… when I run for the bus, dear. And while riding I think of us.

  1. My friends telling me that you’re no good, but they don’t know I couldn’t leave you if I tried

  1. So now I have to let them know that I don’t mind their company but, when me and that man get to loving…

  1.  I tell you girls…

  1. I just don’t have time to sit and chit-chat and smile

  1. And when you don’t call me anymore, and I’m sitting here… waiting until you come back to me

  1. Because there ain’t no way for me to give you all you need if you won’t let me give all of me.

  1. But you know what… if you’re not going to take care of business, then you ought to stop taking up space

  1. Before you come home, and find me gone! Because all I’m asking for is simple.

  1. Because it was you… you made me feel like a natural woman.

  1.  And while I knew you were waiting for me

  1.  Oh me, oh my I didn’t know I’d be a fool waiting for you.

I don’t know what kind of sorcery found his way into Aretha’s bed, excuse me, head… but gahtdambit did he put the D in her discography. I mean, he is arguably the impetus for generations of women having the score of their love lives.

As we all embark on our summer romances let’s remember that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Have fun, let love in and always… use discretion when listening to Babyface.

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