If you like fashion, you may already know that social media is a gold mine of inspiration. From Pinterest boards to TikTok styling videos and Instagram feeds, fashion influencers take up meaningful space online. At times, it may seem like there is an oversaturation of content in the fashion space. Other times, finding content creators of color that speak to your personal style can be trickier.

At Blavity, we’ve rounded up the best Black fashion influencers to follow online. These content creators are pushing the envelope when it comes to styling trends while flaunting a sense of style that is inherently theirs. There is inspiration for everyone – whether you like timeless and classic looks, cutting-edge and bold outfits, or are looking for genderless options.

@danclemt for pastels and dopamine dressing.

Hailing from the Ivory Coast and living in France, Dan Clemt is nicknamed Mr Pastel for his love of candy-colored outfits. Follow him for inspiration on color-matching or simply for aesthetic purposes.


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@​​aliyahsinterlude for edgy Y2K and alt cyber looks.

The inventor of “Aliyahcore” and the ultimate I-T-G-I-R-L (hello, TikTok reference) is a social media star on the rise. Follow her for kawaii and Y2K-inspired looks and the bold hyper feminine style that is inherently hers.

@armielchandler for quintessential New York style and genderless outfits.

Armiel Chandler’s individuality is the reason for his success. The content creator and host shows that fashion doesn’t need a gender and that inspiration can be found anywhere, from pop culture to high fashion and street style alike.


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@pierrahh for trendy and eclectic looks.

Pierrah Hilaire uses her platform to highlight talent of color in the fashion industry. On Instagram, she seamlessly blends the latest trends with high fashion. Someone put this woman on a runway!

@lukasabbat for timeless rock n’ roll.

You may know Luka Sabbat for his role on Grown-ish or for having been a fashion insider for years. Follow him for timeless looks inspired by 1960s and 1970s rock n’ roll.


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@emmanuellek_ for preppy Parisian elegance.

Emmanuelle Koffi’s Instagram feed is everything what you would expect French girl style to be. Follow her for endless iterations of what preppy fashion look like.


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@samirsabe for fashion worn as art.

This Parisian influencer blends designer fashion and street style. Clean cuts, eclectic pieces and an attention to detail makes Samir Sabe a perfect representation of what French fashion truly is.


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@tamumcpherson for runway-ready chic.

The founder of All the Pretty Birds and Shoe Up For Justice will make you want to dress up to the nines, even for the most mundane activities. Follow her to see the latest designer drops brought to everyday life.


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@mannyomitto for city street style.

Manny Omitto shows that men’s fashion and street style can be eclectic and innovative while prioritizing comfort. Follow him for oversized looks and big city fashion style. 


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@handsomegirly for pop Y2K inspiration.

Grace Liggins designs her earmuffs and flaunts a style Y2K meets Japanese fashion. Follow her for pop-inspired outfits and bright-colored clothes.


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@timonthegram for off-duty model looks.

This French model and TikTok news anchor has a timeless and elegant style you will want to match. Follow him for classic looks or inspiration when building a capsule wardrobe.


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@champagnemani for 1990s elegance.

Imani Randolph flaunts a style that is typical of minimalist 1990s fashion. She prioritizes rich fabrics, clean-cut clothing and patterns. Follow her for quiet luxury or styling inspiration.

@jujuuking for elevated streetwear.

Based in Cologne, Germany, Julien blends streetwear with vintage designs and accessories. Follow him if you revere the styles of Virgil Abloh and Tyler the Creator.


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@daniellejinadu for timeless minimalism.

Danielle Oreoluwa Jinadu shows that minimalism can be iterated in a variety of ways. Follow her for quiet luxury inspiration and when building a capsule wardrobe.

@wisdm for endless creativity.

This list would not be complete without Wisdom Kaye, one of the most popular fashion influencers on social media. Follow him for looks that could belong on screen or on a runway.



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