This guy hilariously recreates celebrity fashion moments with household items

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| May 04 2016,

07:26 am

1. The accuracy of his leg is amazing.

2. His use of a trash bag is both impeccable and thrifty.

3. Is anybody really surprised at this point that he was able to pull this off?

4. How Sway?

Poor cheese grater.

CORDEI @badgalriri

A video posted by João Paulo (@johndrops) on

5. No really, how does he do this?

#bdayjupaes : Rainha do mar 🙅🏻💍🐟💧 @julianapaes | #igualquenemdojohn #igualquenem #JulianaPaes A photo posted by João Paulo (@johndrops) on

 6. True Life: I need João to design my next dress.

 7. His facial reactions are the BEST.

 8. Is he selling his designs on Etsy or nah?

 9. This look would be nothing without the broken foil necklace.

10. The bubble wrap just added an extra "pop".

11. Where does he find the time?

12. Not Naomi!

13. Somebody hide this from the #BeyHive.

14.I can't call it.

15. *closes Instagram forever*

Which celeb look should he recreate next?

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