We’ve all heard the anecdotes about self-love and, as with everything, it’s easier said than done. Love yourself first. Self-love is the greatest love of all. Once you begin to love yourself, everything else will fall into place,” they say. Because there’s no written guide to loving yourself. Every person’s self-love journey is different, it is as specific to you as your hair type or genetic makeup. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t learn and grow from the self-love journeys of others. If you’ve fallen out of love with yourself or have been struggling lately to foster that sense of self-love, here are 15 lessons from Andrea Lewis that will help you along the way:


How to start your self-love journey


How self-love will give you freedom to live


How to break through depression

How to live without letting others steal your joy


How comparing yourself to others is unhealthy


How to deal with stress and worry


How to give yourself permission to love yourself and everyone around you


How to deal with anxiety


How to find confidence within yourself


How to “DO YOU!”


How to take risks and learn your worth


How to enjoy being alone


How to become comfortable with the uncertainty of life


How to get rid of negative thoughts


How to be patient with yourself on your self-love journey


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