Rising rapper GloKKnine is only 17, but he already has the self-hatred of a person twice his age. In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, the artist from Orlando, Florida, told Vlad he does not want a dark-skinned child and avoids dating darker women so that won't happen.

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I know I’m ugly” GloKKnine explained.

“What he say? ‘I’m already black; I don’t need no black b***h,'" referencing fellow rapper Kodak Black who has also declared a distaste for his complexion and women who share it. 

When Vlad asked him to elaborate, he did, mentioning that his mother is mocha-colored, and his father is darker than he is. 

"If I’m f**king with you, I’m black as f**k, right? I’m black as s**t," he said. "So I know, if I f**k with a black b***h, we gon' have a black a** baby. I ain’t with that."

GloKKnine continued to bash himself in the short clip:

"This is a dark-a** shade. This b***h … Hell nah. I can’t …I can’t have…," he continued. 

But colorism exists far beyond the rap realm. 

Singer Amara La Negra, who also hails from Florida, voiced her grievances about the racism and colorism she's endured within the Hispanic community while on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. However, the racism she faced has often laughed at by people who couldn't grasp the concept of a dark-skinned Latina.   

About a year ago, Florida rapper Kodak Black made headlines for stating he did not want a dark-skinned woman. This hatred of women who share his same skin tone is rooted in self-hate, hate he admitted to on video. 

“I just don’t like my skin complexion,” he said in an interview the Chaney TV.

Kodak Black claimed light-skinned women were easier to break down while implying darker women were difficult. Critics came for his sexist and colorist remarks, but the issue remains.

A new generation of rappers are coming up, but sadly, they're still perpetuating some played out ideas. 

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