Nineteen people have died in Costa Rica due to alcohol tainted with toxic levels of methanol. Authorities are speculating a potential connection between this and the deaths of 12 United States citizens in the Dominican Republic. 

According to CNN, 30,000 bottles of alcohol were confiscated after suspected methanol contamination.  

The World Health Organization states methanol poisoning often occurs as a result of “informally produced spirit drinks.”

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health published a statement advising the general population to stay away from certain brands of alcohol including "Guaro Gran Apache," "Aguardiente Estrella Roja" and "Guaro Montano” amongst others. 

Since the beginning of June, 19 people across the country ranging in age from 32 to 72 years of age have died due to methanol poisoning. 

At least nine United States citizens have died in the Dominican Republic due to similar circumstances, according to BET News.

Earlier this month the mother of Tracy Jester came forward in the midst of her grief to get answers regarding her son's unexpected death in the Dominican Republic, as previously reported by Blavity. Jester's mother noted that Tracy had consumed a drink she deemed "suspicious." 

The FBI and Domincan authorities have begun to investigate whether tainted alcohol is the cause of these deaths.