"I will preface this by saying NO SHADE but #shade to French Montana. Saturday night, I attended the sold out and unforgettable Bad Boy Family Reunion Concert in Brooklyn, NY. It was Biggie's birthday and Puff Daddy and the family put ON for Frank White. I thought I told you that we won't stop, and dammit, you were right Puff. The night was filled with hit after hit after hit from the hip-hop rendition of Motown. There was Puff Daddy, Ma$e, Lil Kim, Total, Faith Evans, 112, Mary J. Blige, Junior M.A.F.I.A, Shyne (yes, the same Shyne that was deported), Carl Thomas, Busta Rhymes and even French Montana

*Record Scratch* Uggghh, once again, no shade, but why was he on the lineup? With two relatively lengthy sets, his catalog just doesn't seem to match with that era of music. Now, cross-generational entertainment is important and I support it. Newcomer Desiigner performed his hit song "Panda" and had the crowd rocking with his dope energy. Here is the difference between the two. Desiigner performed like he was honored to be there amongst legends. He reminds me of your little cousin that you make perform all the new dances from Facebook at Thanksgiving dinner

Family: "C'mon D do that running man challenge thing I saw online." Desiigner: "I don't want to." Family: "I'll give you a dollar." Desiigner: "OK." *Cues "My Boo"*
Now French..

He's like that cousin that just graduated from undergrad and they are feeling themselves a little too much like he was the first to do it. Ironically, this cousin comes from an entire family of Ivy league degree holders. Awkward. The past is the past, but this is how the future shows on this tour can be better. The next step is a Change.org petition. Hopefully, it doesn't come to that

These songs should have happened and NEED to be added to the list.

1) "24 Hours To Live" — Ma$e feat. Diddy, The Lox, Black Rob & DMX

This might be the biggest upset of the entire show. When was the last time you saw Black Rob? Exactly. He was there along with the rest of the artists in this song, including DMX. No excuse

2) "Money, Power, Respect" — The Lox feat.Lil Kim & DMX

Once DMX appeared it was evident that "Money, Power, Respect" was going to be performed. Nope! I Ain't Worried About Nothing though, let's keep the party going

3) "I Can Love You" — Mary J. Blige feat. Lil' Kim

Ladies, I don't know about you, but since '97 I've been looking for Tanisha and Rhonda so we can dip on someone in a Ninja Honda. Kim even performed "Queen B*tch," which has the same beat. With the Duchess of Faux-Dancing in attendance, this could have happened. *Sigh*

4) "Crush On You" — Lil' Kim feat. Lil Cease

My spidey senses tell me we will never see this performed live in this life or any other life, and unfortunately, it will be a sore spot on the tour. Shall I proceed? Yes, indeed

These would have been nice additions but certainly not mandatory.

5) "Anywhere" — 112 feat. Lil' Zane

We didn't need this entire song, but half of Slim's verse would have sufficed

6) "You Already Know" — 112

112's set could have been sexier, but you already knew that

7) "Take What's Yours" — Ma$e feat. DMX

Pretty M-A-Dolla'-sign-E is appreciated but Murda Ma$e was missed

8) "Will They Die For You?" — Ma$e feat. Puff Daddy and Lil' Kim

Puff has been on stage for every song thus far, so we might as well keep it going

9) "We'll Always Love Big Poppa" — The LOX

The other and often-forgotten Biggie tribute song

10) "Brooklyn" — Fabolous

We were in Brooklyn, Biggie is from Brooklyn and sampled on the song. 'Nuff said

11) "Keepin' It Gangsta" — Fabolous

This isn't Bad Boy per say (Ok it isn't Bad Boy at all), but Old Fab really shaped the scene of teen parties in 2001. Let him get a track

12) "I Love You Baby" — Puff Daddy feat. Black Rob

This might be Diddy's greatest verses ever, and Black Rob deserved more shine

This is my list of "fan fiction" performances. These artists were not there but they should have been invited.

13) "Dolly My Baby, Bad Boy Remix" — Super Cat

Although I'm NOT a big fan of hip-hop/reggae collaborations, this is real early Bad Boy and the 40-45+ crowd loved when "The Livest one from Bedford-Stuyvesant" gave props to his Caribbean roots

14) "Horse and Carriage" - Cam'ron feat. Ma$e

Repping for Harlem World could have been a nice look as long as Dipset stayed at home

15) "Pull It" — Cam'ron feat. DMX

A little bit harder than "Horse and Carriage," but all the dog barking and sound effects are quintessential elements of '90s rap that we can't forget about. Plus, he told us what DMX stood for. Come get this education, "Dark Man, Baby. X for short."

16) "Wait A Minute" — Ray J feat. Lil' Kim

This song had us calling Ray J "Brandy's Brother" for years until, the sex tape.  Actually, Ray J doesn't have to appear, just do your verse, Kim. You are a liar if you weren't plotting to get Lil' Kim's bob in your respective hair color when this dropped

17) "Top of The World" — Brandy feat. Ma$e

Speaking of Ray J's sister... Remember when Ma$e and Brandy were a 'thing?' This would SO bring us all back to our Word Up Magazine pre-teen lunch room conversations

These next songs would be almost impossible to pull off, but a girl can dream.

18) "No One Else Remix" — Total feat. Foxxy Brown, Lil' Kim & Da Brat

To get Foxxy and Kim on the same stage might be a sign of the apocalypse, but it would have been a great display of vintage millennial #BlackGirlMagic

19) "Flava In Ya Ear Remix" — Craig Mack Feat. Notorious B.I.G.,Rampage, LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes

I cannot put into words how badly this needs to be performed. No ifs, ands or buts

Overall this concert was AMAZING and I'm still recovering from my excessive dancing, but I would find extra strength for these additional tunes. If it's a hassle, we can totally settle for the video vixens from yesteryear whisper-singing sultry adlibs for ten minutes. Ain't that right boo? Truuuuueeee. Cassie could do it. Problem solved. Once again, no shade to French, but in light of all the classics that were missed, it's only right that his performance be a little shorter, don't you think? Do it for the culture. *Mad rapper voice*

Did you go to the show? Are you going to the Bad Boy Family Reunion Concert? What songs would you like to see?

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