Even though it’s been a few days and folks are shifting their focus to the #blackgirlmagic that was LEMONADE, I’m still reeling over Prince’s sudden death. It’s truly unbelievable that he has passed. It’s scary, saddening and overwhelmingly difficult to process.

Though not a Prince superfan, I loved Prince. Of the oldies and throwbacks my parents forced my sisters and me to listen to during our childhood, his were my favorite. Whenever his songs played, I’d perk up a bit in the back seat of the car. Aside from Luther Vandross and En Vogue, Prince’s songs were the only songs I enjoyed. I love him in a nostalgic way. Plus, he guest-starred on one of my favorite TV shows, New Girl, which won him major brownie points in my book.

It’s like one of my cousins died — maybe not a close cousin, but a cousin I’d laugh with at family reunions. Needless to say, his death is hitting everyone hard. When an icon of Prince’s magnitude passes, it isn’t easy to move on. But we can pay tribute to him in any way we know how — and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate an inspiring artist’s life than through art. These amazing illustrations powerfully pay tribute to Prince.

Jorge Flores 

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Rebekah Major and her 365 Days of Prince 


My new business card ! Hooray! #art #illustration #Prince #tgif #photooftheday #work

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Picasso Trill 

#restinpurple #PurpleRain #PurpleReign #PicassoTrill #ripPrince

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👑👑👑 #rip #legends

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Mallory Heyer 

When doves cry. RIP Prince 🕊. I feel like a part of my childhood died with him, my hometown hero.

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Joe Osei Bonsu 



RIP #Prince #BabyImAStar #LetsGoCrazy #LittleRedCorvette #1999 #PurpleRain #legend #rip

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Maxeen Weaver 



Circa Aric

Noah Goodfriend 

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Gone to a bigger stage #ripprince ♥

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William Goodman 


Britt Davis 

Prismacolor #Prince 💜 #portrait #marker #sketch #RestInPurple

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Comic Riffs 

Picasso Trill 

Rest in Power 😌🙏🏾☂☂ #restinpurple #ripPrince #PicassoTrill #PurpleReign #PurpleRain

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Joe Osei Bonsu 

JC Ro 

when I first started this piece yesterday I knew I wanted to eventually do a larger painting of this since I love purple and Prince. During the process, while listening to a lot of his music, I realized how many of my close friends are huge Prince fans, and that I’d really love to make some prints for them as well. . It wasn’t my intent to produce these to be available publicly (or so swiftly), but after an overwhelming number of messages and email requests, I’ve realized I can do something positive by donating a portion of the proceeds to charity while connecting with fellow fans of this true visionary! . So I’m proud to say a portion of the proceeds from this “Purple Pain” piece will be donated to restoring instrumental music education in American public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education thru VH1’s Save The Music Foundation. . “Purple Pain” prints available now in 2 sizes, 18×24″ and 24×36″ www.triangleshit.com (link in bio) Legends never die! . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! #ripPrince #PurplePain

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Stella Blu 


I am so damn sad today. My heart hurts. I just talked to you on Tues and we laughed about you not being sick. Waking up to see this news, I was so in disbelief..I thought it was a bad joke for hours. The biggest push I ever had to continue life as an artist came from you. I was enjoying sharing work on tumblr for fun, but I was 22 and really scared to commit to living this lifestyle. No one thought I could make any money or live off of painting and drawing. Most people laughed at me, they didn’t know any better. And then Prince discovered a watercolor painting of mine. No one ever laughed at me again, put it that way. He supported me so much, gave me so much encouragement. I became a full time artist. We became friends and I have amazing memories/stories of you. I’m just so grateful to you. I am forever changed from your presence in my life. Thank you so, so much. This is so sad for me to write. Everyone should know, that this man..was a great, funny ass person. He was a true artist. He was everything you imagined him to be plus more and more. I posted this painting I did of him Jan 8th, because it was literally for him. He sent me an email, “If Only My Fellow Artist Friend Would Paint My Portrait One Day…(Sigh)” and the next night I sent him this. He loved it so much.

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We love you, Prince, and your magnificence will always be remembered. Rest in power — and in purple.

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