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22 percent of the models in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show were black women

Here's why that matters

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Photo: @heriethpaul via Instagram

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show isn't often praised for its diversity. Last year alone, there were just seven black models out of the 44 total models walking the runway. One of which, Maria Borges, walked the show with her short natural hair on display. Although Alek Wek had previously walked the show with long braids and Ajuma Nasenyana sported a shaved head in the '00s, Borges' decision to rock her natural hair out during the 20th anniversary show last year was groundbreaking.

This year, three models sported their short, natural hair on the runway often-critiqued for its lack of progress and diversity.

Out of the 51 models who walked the runway this year, 22 percent were black women.

One of the models — Jasmine Tookes — was chosen to wear the $3 million fantasy bra, which housed 450 carats of gemstones (about 9,000 of them!). She's the first black woman in nine years to wear the bra, and only the third ever.

Of course, Victoria's Secret and the fashion industry in general has miles to go when it comes to diversity. There's room for growth in diversity of race, size and even gender. But in an industry and an event that has been painfully slow in embracing diversity, this year's representation of #BlackGirlMagic matters.

You can catch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Monday, Dec. 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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