Sunday night saw the coming of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Of course, Black Twitter gathered to point out the highs, the lows and the moments that we just had to talk about. The show previously faced harsh criticism for tapping Madonna to do a Prince tribute, so before the first award was presented, it was guaranteed to be an interesting night.

Here are 21 thoughts that went through everyone’s mind.

1. Britney Spears opened the show, and you just had to recognize her status.

2. Co-hosting the show along with Ciara, we knew Ludacris would deliver expert-level shade…

3. ..but then it didn’t make sense when he only mentioned one black artist performing.

4. Girl group Fifth Harmony earned numerous kudos.

5. People were OVER Pink for twirling all around the arena again.

6. But some just want her to put out another R&B album.

7. If ‘Lemonade’ wasn’t on the set list, we didn’t need any country performances.

8. Some people had to remind us who they were bringing to the cookout.

9. Demi Lovato gave vocals while slamming North Carolina’s anti-LGBT legislation.

10. Adele acted like Beyonce at the 2011 BET Awards.

11. Kesha finally returned to the stage and we truly felt for her.

12. We are all confused at the R&B wins, and how the Weekend basically owned all the categories, with multiple nominations all over.

13. Many didn’t know how to feel about Rihanna performing…

14. …but you won’t hear anything bad about her from most of us for a while.

15. Legendary artist Celine Dion received the icon award, which comes after a year after she lost her husband and brother. She delivered, and proceeded to get in our feelings.

16. Ariana Grande sang the heck out of her song, per usual.

17. .but we still can’t go a day without telling her to get rid of the ponytail.

18. The time came for the Madonna tribute, and people weren’t feeling it.

19. Luckily, Stevie Wonder came on stage to ease some of the pain.

20. But no L can be taken appropriately without the Jordan meme treatment.

21. But we are just hoping BET comes through next month.

While we’ve seen better, this awards show wasn’t completely offensive. Want to know why?

What did you think of this year’s Billboard Music Awards? Let us know in the comments!

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