A Black Los Angeles-based filmmaker is suing the local police department after he said his uncle, a member of the force, instructed an officer to fire non-lethal projectiles at him during the George Floyd protests last summer.

In a press conference last week, Asim Jamal Shakir Jr. and his attorney announced the filing of a personal injury civil rights lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department for the May 2020 incident.

“This is a remarkable story that I call bluer than blood,” civil rights attorney Carl Douglas said.

During the evening of May 29, 2020, Shakir was participating in demonstrations in the Los Angeles area when police formed a skirmish line. The 23-year-old started live streaming the scene and noticed that his uncle, Eric Anderson, was among the officers present, according to The Guardian.

Anderson allegedly demanded that his nephew go home, and is seen later on video motioning for an officer to shoot a “less-than-lethal” rifle at him.