A 3-year-old girl was among the 11 people injured on Thursday when a two-alarm fire erupted in an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Firefighters arrived at the scene around 1:45 a.m. after the fire broke out on the third floor, The New York Post reports.

The 3-year-old and four other people were taken to the hospital. Police said the toddler, who was treated for smoke inhalation, is now in critical, but stable condition. Three women, ages 45, 47 and 57, were among the group taken to the hospital. A 43-year-old man was also sent to the same hospital.

Two firefighters sustained injuries while fighting the blaze. They were treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

Nicole Martin and her husband, Onex Aviles, live in the unit next to where the fire started with their 16-month-old daughter, Savanah. The 16-month-old child escaped safely when she was passed to a firefighter through the third-floor window of the building, ABC 7 reports.

“We looked through the peep hole and all you see is black,” Aviles told ABC 7. “So it was just impeding doom. It was like we were in hell.”

With time running out, Aviles ripped an air conditioning unit out of a window and climbed down the side of the building to go get help for his family.

“Its sort of like you’re Spider-Man, so I’m climbing down, climbing down,” he said. “I just guided the firefighters to what window they needed to go to.”

Martin said she was trying to remain calm while holding her child inside the apartment and waiting for firefighters to arrive.

“She started shaking, so I’m losing my mind at the same time, but I’ve got to keep my composure because of course she’s feeing off my energy,” Martin said. “So if mommy’s scared, what’s going on?”

After reaching through a window, a firefighter pulled Savanah out and climbed down the ladder with the girl.

“That’s my little miracle, my angel, that’s all I could think of,” Martin said. “She already went through so much, she don’t have to go through any more. So I was just so happy to see (the firefighter). Whoever you are, I don’t know your name. But I appreciate you and I love you.”

A woman named Crystal described how the fire started in her apartment.

“Immediately when I got up, I went to the kitchen, and I just couldn’t believe that my space heater … was on fire,” she said. “It was in the low flame, so I immediately called 911. And as soon as the heater, the fire, went up more, and I tried to get water, I just ran out. I grabbed my child and ran out as quick as I can.”

Another resident, Anthony Sabater, said he was carried out by firefighters.

“One of the fireman brought me down,” he said. “But I’m here, thank God. Thank God. It could’ve been worse.”

Nine people were displaced due to the fire. Police said the cause is still under investigation.