So there is a survey out by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) that suggests that the fruity cereal may be for kids, but video games are more for adults.  With the average gamer being 35 years old, things have really changed as women age 18 and older represent 41 percent of all gamers which is a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population than boys under age 18.  Another study done by Google Play, who partnered with gaming intelligence provider Newzoo, indicates that 65 percent of women mobile gamers 10-65 years old play mobile games, and they represent about 50 percent of all mobile gamers.  

This means that more than likely there are actually women gamers behind those women avatars.  But with those statistics aside, here are some reasons you should give your girl, sister or aunt five more minutes.

  1. If you’re going somewhere, your gamer was probably ready 20 minutes ago

Sometimes while waiting for you, they may start a game just to pass the time.  There are as many types of gamers as there are games, but some universal truths remain.  Depending on the skill of your gamer and the type of game, a typical match on a console or a pc lasts around 10 minutes.  This can run longer if they are playing a sports related game, but 10 minutes is a good average.  So, they are probably just about ready to get off anyway, so give them a little slack.  However, if your bae is in campaign mode or playing on their smartphone, tell them to rise up and come on.

  1. Leave no gamer behind

The majority of gamers (53%) play games with others online.  Out of the top ten titles from last year 90 percent of them are either sports related or military themed.  We are all aware of the warrior ethos, which emphasizes that you leave no one behind.  Jumping out of a match before it is over can render a team undermanned, essentially penalizing the rest of the players.  To be a good teammate, let your gamer finish the match.   Getting unfriended on a video game is more than just someone clicking the unfriend button.  Being unfriended can affect the player’s online reputation and if you love them, you will not want to adversely affect it.  Plus, she is probably wrecking some basement dwellers kill/death ratio, so let her finish.

  1. Statistics

There is pretty much nothing that is not counted. One of the more popular first person shooter games actually had statistics on the number of cars destroyed during the game over the course of various timeframes.  We all seek to improve, and quitting before a game is finished doesn’t just penalize those that you have left behind.  Many games now count an early departure as a loss and as the rankings typically filter by win/loss ratios.  Not allowing your gamer to complete a match will adversely affect their ranking, thus rendering them grumpy and no one wants that. Also, if you’ve spent anytime not on mute in a game lobby, you know guys can’t stand to lose or be ranked below a girl, so let her pop his bubble.  As indicated above, since girl gamers are trending towards being almost half the population, it’s time for things to change.  Her ranking inspires others and as she is a role-model, you should be proud to support her ascension.  Therefore, be the change you want to see in the world and give her a few minutes more for the cause.

  1. The online community may be watching

If your gamer really excels or conversely is a cautionary tale for others, she may be broadcasting live.  Many game play devices, whether it is a console or pc, have applications that allow game streaming.  So, you know when you walk by your gamer and she is speaking real plainly and cussing every three words, she is likely explaining a game or how to accomplish some superlative with an interested stranger. Don’t be jealous, most of the guys have never actually talked to a real girl before.  Given that she is performing a public service by making someone better, reward your gamer with a little time to finish up and sign off.

  1. Karma is &!+(#

You know in the morning, when the alarm clock goes off or when it takes a little longer for your man-scaping regimen to complete before heading over to friends, remember that your gamer rarely paces back in forth in front of the bathroom waiting for you to finish.   Of course, that is probably because she spent the previous hour in the bathroom getting ready and is on one platform or another playing a game while waiting for you. Still the golden rule should be observed – do onto your gamer as you would have her do onto you.  Also, we know that karma is a… well you know.  So, if you don’t want her walking in front of the television, while the championship game is on or staring at you with that sneer while you are applying lotion to those ashy knees, show your girl gamer some love and just let her finish.  She’s in good company and we need more like her in the game.

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