What is the healing component? What might seem like an obvious question/answer to many actually requires some thought. When was the last time you thought about your healing process? Mick Jenkins reflects on his healing component through his album The Healing Component. In an interview with Billboard, Jenkins said, “The project is stitched together through a series of skits, or more accurately conversations, on the nature and meaning of love for individual people, fleshed out and discussed in a way that’s reminiscent of the classroom interludes that pepper The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” In a world where it’s common to live a facade and pretend that we have this life-thing figured out, Jenkins shares with us ways in which he defines healing.

After countless listens, I have summarized five steps to healing.

Seriously, What are you waiting on? Listen to the album.

1. Love yo’self

The greatest healing component is LOVE! Jenkins repeats this word throughout the album as if to remind himself that love heals all wounds. In terms of physical scars, if we desire for them to heal properly, we must love the appearance of our skin. If we took the same approach to our internal scars, we must truly love ourselves in order to deal with the pain to heal. In Jenkins’ case, the healing component is overcoming his own imperfections as a man, finding his own truth and reminding himself about the undying love of God. A good friend of mine told me, “Love may not heal our imperfections, but it allows us to accept them.” MESSAGE!

“When people talk about love you really only think about the, the pretty parts, the romantic parts of love people don’t think about things like loving themselves and what that takes.” 

2. Patience and the weight that comes with it

Throughout the album, Jenkins talks about how Jesus spread love and how he aims to do the same. Jenkins hopes to make an impact on Earth, just as the chosen one did. He emphasizes the importance of patience in “Strange Love,” learning about patience within himself as well as dealing with others. Patience is a heavy topic (wordplay on weight/wait), especially when talking about the power of healing. Not only are you giving up control, but you are also allowing yourself to let life unfold on its own. “Love is a muscle that you must build from inside.” Trusting the process of healing requires patience, it isn’t going to be easy. However, it will be worth it as you grow throughout your journey.

The basics of his message was love, the basics just loving yourself and projecting that love onto others

3. Sacrifice your pride

Sacrificing our own pride to love others is one of the hardest steps to healing. One of the most honest songs on the album, “Daniel’s Bloom,” speaks about the importance of letting go of your own pride. Be willing to be vulnerable, to admit your mistakes and where you are wrong. Vulnerability is an important aspect of love. Mick talks about wearing his heart on his sleeve and being OK with getting bruised. He aims to emulate Jesus, who constantly spread love despite being humiliated and shamed. Letting go of your ego is admitting that sometimes scars bleed and it hurts. Nevertheless, healing is a process.

“Love is what flowers and finish blooms begin/Show me your plot and I’ll do the dirt till my wounds submit”

4. Admit you’re not OK

Be OK with not satisfying everyone’s perception of you! Mick shares his moment of vulnerability throughout the album, “N*gga had to fall on his knees for a second.” I think we can all admit that we have come to a similar moment in our lives. At this moment, there must be a self realization that we are lost, broken or in pain. It is OK to feel this way, we are human and a part of healing is admitting we have scars.

“The underrated and often neglected

Are often expected to deal with it…

…Like we in here off a meal ticket or something

The lack of respect is astounding

And I refuse to accept it

N*ggas talking crazy

And you not finna tell me that I’m crazy

Cause I choose to correct it”

5. Stop running away from your problems

Lets be honest, we all have them. To completely heal, we must face our personal demons that have hindered us from growing. If you keep entering seasons where you are approaching the same problem, life is alarming you that you are avoiding growth. Don’t run!

“I am not flawless, I am not perfect, I sin in my soul, I cut through the surface Repair, heal and spread love/Work to repair the vision/Then you can see the fruits of living/Then you can see the fruits of living.”

So if you are entering a new season, continuing your journey or revisiting an old lesson. I hope these steps are able to guide you through your healing process. Whatever healing component you choose, I wish you growth, happiness and peace. Listen to Mick Jenkins’ album, The Healing Component. #SupportIllLyricists

“ … Love came to me as a, as, what should be a focus because that’s the focus of Jesus’ message on Earth. You know what I’m saying and if that’s what leads my life, which is my faith then it only makes sense to start there” — Mick Jenkins

Listen to The Healing Component here.

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