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If Music Is Therapy, What Happens When The Therapists Become Toxic?

The secondhand effects of mental health issues and Kanye West.
Gwendolyn Lewis
 • 4 months ago

My Confusing Moment With Dev Hynes’ ‘Negro’ Shirt And His White Fans Who Proudly Purchased It

“How does a shirt with the word 'negro' sell out to a theater that was not filled with negroes?”
Jared Zachary
 • 6 months ago

This Couple Launched Three Programs Dedicated To Teaching Financial Literacy To POC

Want some budget tips to go along with that brunch?
Alexa Lisitza
 • 6 months ago

How Lenny Kravitz’s New Music On 'Raise Vibration' Calls For Positive Change In Today’s Hostile Environment

The rockstar sets the right tone with his new album.
 • 6 months ago

22 Years After His Death, Tupac's Lyrics Send A Loud Message About Black Mental Health

What Pac taught me about trauma
Marvin DeBose
 • 6 months ago

Here’s How Tyler, The Creator Continues To Bless The Music World In 2018

"The man has built not only a career, but an empire defying expectations ..."
Davanté Sanders
 • 7 months ago

For Us By Us: What Afropunk Means In The Trump Era

Where safe spaces and sounds collide, celebrating the culture of "us."
Sophia Feleke
 • 7 months ago

26 Songs To Activate Your Inner #BlackGirlMagic

Check This Out
Keena Carson
 • 8 months ago

13 Times Whitney Houston Covered Songs And Made Them Her Own

R.I.P. to the legend.
Lorin Williams
 • 8 months ago

I Was Ghosted: Why People Should Speak Up Instead Of Playing With Others’ Emotions

Illustrated by the icon, Prince.
Camille Rahatt
 • 9 months ago

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