Naomi Osaka is a brilliant young talent, most well-known for her record-breaking tennis skills.

She’s the first person of Haitian descent to win a Grand Slam. She’s also the first Asian player to hold the number one position in the World’s Tennis rankings after a successful 2019 Australian Open. But Osaka is more than just her track record in tennis. She has a wide range of talents and interests that cover more than just her impressive athleticism.

When she’s not on the courts, you can find her making headlines surrounding her relationship with boyfriend and rapper Cordae. Or posting sneak peeks of her behind-the-scenes life via social media as she did in this Instagram photo of her family.

Though she’s a four-time Grand Slam champion, her journey hasn’t always been easy. She speaks candidly about her battle with her mental health, which caused her to step away from the French Open in 2021.

In an interview with TIME magazine, she stated, “It has become apparent to me that literally everyone either suffers from issues related to their mental health or knows someone who does. The number of messages I received from such a vast cross-section of people confirms that. I think we can almost universally agree that each of us is a human being and subject to feelings and emotions.”

Recognizing her platform, she withdrew from the French Open, with hopes of inspiring others to tend to their mental health should they need to. And inspire she did. Famed athlete, Simone Biles, credits Osaka as the catalyst for her also exiting the Olympic competition in 2021.

Though many of her accomplishments stem from her extraordinary courtside talent, that’s not all that Naomi Osaka wants to be known for. The young star has her hands in many pots from fashion to food to gaming. Let’s take a look at five Naomi Osaka fun facts to get an inside look at what this ultra-bright star is up to in-between matches.