You’ve finally gotten the degree you’ve worked so hard for. Graduation came and went so fast that you didn’t even process what it meant.You and all of your close friends will be parting ways soon. Some are moving back home, others are off to travel the world, and some are relocating for jobs. Although life is moving rapidly, that doesn’t mean these friendships have to end. Here are five tips to help you maintain your friendships after graduation.


1. Do check-ins

Let’s be realistic — it will be difficult to talk to your friends every day, but check-ins can get the job done. Make sure you take some time to shoot your friend a text or even a phone call. This is vital in preserving the friendship because it allows both parties to continue investing in the friendship. Plus, it helps if your friend is going through something and doesn’t know who to talk to.

2. Plan a yearly trip

We all love vacations, so why not plan one with your friends? Organizing a yearly trip not only gives you something to look forward to, but allows you to catch up during the planning and during the trip. Annual trip planning also allows for group chat which will include just as much laughter as it does trip ideas.

3. Social Media is your friend

These days, people can be close to you with the click of a button. Social media has given us the opportunity to communicate with others no matter how far away they are. Use this to your advantage. Whether it’s writing on a friend’s Facebook wall or posting a group picture for throwback Thursday on Instagram, social media will always help you in reaching out.

4. Be there when they need you

Although you won’t be there for every event, being a friend during crucial times is imperative for maintaining your friendships. Make an effort to be a support system when needed. If your friend is getting engaged or married, make sure you’re there. It’s during the important times in your friend’s life when they will need to count on you the most.

5. Video Chat

Technology has made it even easier to invest in your friendships. Even if you can’t physically see your friends often, you can still utilize video chat to have face-to-face conversations. There are even group video chat options, so why not plan an Empire watch-party over video chat? Although it might not be as good as being in the same room as your friends, it will still be nice to enjoy each other’s company and chat.


So there you have it. Keeping these tips in mind will greatly help in keeping your friendships intact after graduation. Make sure you invest in your friends, especially the ones you want to keep forever. These five options not only help after graduation but also as life continues to change. Never forget the ones who were there for you during those crucial years.


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