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Baecation: 7 Tips for Traveling with Your Partner

You've always enjoyed traveling, from road trips with your family to weekend trips to visit girlfriends. This time around, the trip is special. You've decided to plan a trip with your lover. Traveling with a significant other can be an exciting adventure if you do it right. Here are seven tips to make sure your first baecation won't be your last. Plan the trip together Planning...

Native Roots: Black-owned galleries and culture centers in D.C.

Known for its importance in many sectors of government and music, Washington D.C. is also filled with amazing black art. From Benjamin Banneker's pivotal work in building the city to Phillip Freelon's current work at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture, D.C. is oozing with inspiration. It is critical to keep this type of work flowing in D.C.,...

Behind the beat: songs we never read the lyrics to

Let's be honest, we've all had those moments where we're jamming to a song and paying no mind to the lyrics. Usually, the beat is great, the artist is entertaining, or the song is just catchy. Regardless of the reason, the song's original message often goes over our heads. Here are some tunes in which a close reading of the lyrics might change how you feel about the song. "My...