1. Add plants or flowers

Some of the most common household plants also happen to produce oxygen, the healthiest supplement for the human body. Adding a plant to your workspace can create a greener atmosphere by generating clean and pollution-free oxygen. And you know what that means: You can breathe a little easier every day with clear, crisp air!

2. Recycle responsibly

Be mindful and separate paper from trash by keeping a blue plastic bin by the side of your desk. This will help get you in the habit of recycling and lead to better environmental choices outside of the workplace.

3. Opt for LED light bulbs

Transform your desk or floor lamp into an energy-efficient space by purchasing certified LED light bulbs. Buying LED light bulbs from your local Home Depot or hardware store will cost you a little more than traditional bulbs, but will save you much more in the long-run. And they last significantly longer! Be cost-efficient while respecting mother nature.

eco-minded workspace
Photo: Courtesy of Caroline White

4. Unplug or turn off idle electronics

Chances are we’re not using our printers while out of the office. Based solely on habit, we keep these and other electronics on overnight. Before leaving for the day, take a moment to switch the off button so the batteries don’t run while not in use.

5. Sustainable notepads

Even if we’re digitally-inclined 100 percent of the day, many people opt for simple pen and paper to jot down our most innovative ideas. Go green and choose a brand of earth-friendly notepads and pencils made with purpose. Staples has an affordable ‘Sustainable Earth’ collection that’s produced from 80 percent sugarcane waste and uses eco-friendly printing ink. Want to get creative? Customize your notepad starting as low as $2.90 on wholesale orders.

6. Take a window seat

It’s a well-known fact that natural light boosts health and happiness. Reduce the need to turn on lights by positioning your desk near a window to allow the sun’s rays to be your primary source of lighting during the day. Give a fresh perspective to your work area and use it as an opportunity to reorganize.

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