The spookiest time of the year is right around the corner. For the occasion, Blavity looked into some of the best Halloween costume ideas to adopt this year, regardless of your gender, skin tone, shape or size. On TikTok, the #halloween2023 tag has already been viewed 4.6 billion times. This year included several memorable pop culture moments from Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour to the Barbie movie and Halle Bailey’s casting in The Little Mermaid. Here are our top picks — whether you are looking for a fashionable costume, a beauty look that is easy to recreate or are seeking inspiration.

Do your own rendition of Barbie.

Barbie will likely be one of the most popular costumes this Halloween season. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie was a pop culture phenomenon that introduced us to endless iterations of Mattel’s doll. You can directly reference the film by dressing up as one of the Barbies we were introduced to on screen. Think Issa Rae’s “President Barbie” or the doll’s rollerblading and western-inspired outfits.

You can also go for an all-pink outfit and tap into the Barbiecore trend to transform into one of Mattel’s dolls.

All-pink makeup is also a great addition to any Barbie costume. The brighter, the better!


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Turning into Barbie is one of the most versatile costumes. There are endless ways to do your take on the costume by going for fashionable and genderless options.


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Go full camp with a Beyoncé tribute.

Another pop culture phenomenon this year was Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. The tour was one for the books, from elaborate choreography to memorable costumes and TikTok challenges. Become an alien superstar by going for a full-silver outfit and tapping into futuristic elements such as Y2K sunglasses, vinyl or metallic materials and headwear.


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♬ Ick – Lay Bankz

There are endless options when it comes to doing your take on this Beyoncé tribute. You can also wear pink makeup for a look out of this world. The campier, the better.

Channel your inner siren by turning into The Little Mermaid.

Mermaids were everywhere this year, from fashion and makeup trends to the big screen. Halle Bailey took the world by storm, being cast as Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. This year has shown that anyone can be a mermaid. For this costume, focus on accessories such as a fork, sea shells, fishnet and pearls. You can incorporate these elements into your outfit and makeup in various ways.

In terms of clothes and makeup, you can tap into a green and purple color palette to reference Ariel. 


Here is my Ariel Halloween Costume with a modern touch to it and of course I had to rock my natural curly hair. The Little Mermaid Costume was so much fun to recreate and I hope you all enjoy ♥️ #blackariel #thelittlemermaidcosplay #littlemermaidcostume #arielcostumes

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Reference hip-hop culture by becoming Ice Spice.

The Bronx rapper has had a meteoric rise to fame this past year. Although celebrities such as Lil Nas X and North West dressed up as her in the past, Ice Spice gave us several memorable moments these past few months. Her hair and outfits went so viral that they have become instantly recognizable. Try an orange wig, press on nails, cut-off denim shorts and a green tube top to channel her look in her music video for “Munch.”

Stack up belts on top of a pair of low-rise denim pants, and try a long orange wig and white faux-fur jacket before adding pops of red to recreate her outfit in the “In Ha Mood” music video.

Go for a look that is out of this world by turning into a fairy or goddess.

Tinkerbell, Medusa, Aphrodite, Calypso… There are endless possibilities for fairies and goddesses to dress up for Halloween. You can find inspiration in already existing figures or create your rendition.

Tinkerbell is a recognizable option you can recreate by dressing in all-green and accessorizing with fairy wings, pointy ears, a star-shaped magic wand and more.

You can also go for a nature-inspired beauty look to tap into your inner ethereal beauty or mesh with the rest of your costume.


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Channel the season’s spooky vibes by becoming Wednesday Addams.

Netflix’s Wednesday series aired just weeks after Halloween last year. The character is instantly recognizable with her signature hair, dark makeup and brooding expression. After the prom dance scene went viral on TikTok, it isn’t surprising fans are choosing to go as Wednesday Addams this Halloween. You can try her braided hairdo and black prom dress to reference the show.


i know im a year late to this trend but i had to! @CostumesDotCom kindly sent over this perfect wednesday dress and im obsessed 🖤 #wednesdayaddams #wednesdaydance #wednesdayvibes #wednesdaynetflix #jennaortega #blackgirlcosplay #halloweencostume #costumeideas #halloweenlook #halloween2023 #spookycute

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Hair and makeup are essential elements of this costume. Go for twin braids, smokey eyes, dark lips and defined eyebrows.

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