The internet has formulated another viral topic of discussion, and this time, North West and Bronx rapper Ice Spice are the in the middle of it. If you follow North and Kim Kardashian’s TikTok, you’re keen to see North’s big personality and obsession with Ice Spice.

North dressed like the drill artist with a curly orange Afro on Monday after the rapper visited Kim and North over the weekend.

In the TikTok video, North appeared dressed in a curly orange wig, a replicated Powerpuff girl Ice Spice chain and a white velour sweatsuit with a studded bottom. North and one of her close friends reenacted a previous TikTok moment between North and Ice Spice’s in-person encounter. The two friends lipsynched to a remix of Spice’s hit single “in ha mood.”

Several onlookers were perplexed by North’s new appearance. Masika, a reality TV personality, was finally able to respond and explain. The outfit was for a Women’s History Month school assignment, and North chose to dress as Ice Spice.

“Today is ‘heroes and heritage day’ at their school,” she wrote in the comments of @theneighborhood Instagram post. “‘Students are invited to participate in a spirit-wear day inspired by February’s Black History Month, March’s Women’s History Month, and World Languages Week… Students are encouraged to dress in clothing celebrating their heroes or heritage.'”

“‘From a lab coat representing a prominent scientist to culturally authentic attire to a jersey of an admired athlete…’ She chose Ice Spice, it’s really not that deep y’all. SMH,” Masika continued.

On the surface, the video is innocent; North is like many other 9-year-olds wanting to emulate their favorite artists or actors’ looks, but some online feel otherwise. The TikTok clip carried over onto Twitter, where later, Kanye West began trending. Fans tweeted in support of Kanye, claiming they now believe he was correct in fighting against Kardashian allowing North to use TikTok after watching North’s re-enactment of Spice.

One fan retweeted an old rant from West, writing “Kanye was right.” In the reposted clip, Kanye explains that as North’s father, he has a right to step in and protect his daughter from outside factors like social media and television.

“Father, I know y’all don’t respect fathers, and the idea of family and the media tries to promote something. I said I am not allowing my daughter to be used by TikTok to be used by Disney. I have a say so,” Kanye said.

The other argument stems from viewers not agreeing with the lyrics in the background of the video claiming it’s “too grown.” Some fans deliberating in Twitter threads argue that had the TikTok video featured the clean version of “In ha Mood” maybe people would be less outraged. While other viewers supported the cute and entertaining cosplay calling it “innocent” and claiming North is “that girl.”

No matter how you feel, it’s evident that North is a member of the spice cabinet, and her mom fully supports it. Kardashian wasted no time inviting Ice Spice to California to chill with her daughter and friends — and it was such an adorable moment.

On March 4, Ice Spice, North, Ryan, and a few other friends made TikTok video’s together lip-singing Ice Spice’s latest singles throughout the Calabasas mansion. The clips will make you giggle as it’s apparent that Spice and the girls were having a blast throughout the house.

@kimandnorthWe love you, ice spice, 🧊🧊🌶️🌶️♬ In Ha Mood – Ice Spice

In February, North shared a hand-drawn portrait of her favorite artists on TikTok and gained Ice Spice’s attention. Spice told TMZ she found the drawing “so cute” and gave props to North for the love and support. “Thank you, North,” deemed her “so talented.” Following Spice’s visit, North created a second drawing featuring the Bronx native with straight hair from a fashion week photo.

After criticism on social media, North‘s Ice Spice cosplay videos were removed from the Kim and North TikTok account. Still, it’s great to see North tap into her creativity, artistry and individuality, no matter what outside viewers think.