Trai Byers, if you don’t already know, plays Andre Lyon on the hit show Empire. If you haven’t already watched Empire, you better get on it before the second season premieres September 23rd. I had the honor of actually meeting him in person when The Association of Black Harvard Women, an organization I am a member of, honored him as our Man of the Year. I got to shake his hand and he even complimented my dyed hair. It’s only fair that in honor of his birthday I tell you 7 reasons why he should be your bae.

1. He is everything your MCM should be.


2. He does an amazing job at playing Andre Lyon. 

andre lyon

3. He’s a loving Christian boy.

4. He makes horses look good.

5. I’ve never seen a better looking Essence cover.

6. He makes me actually want to go to the gym.

7. Did I mention he can sing? Lawd, take me to church! *faints*

Happy Birthday, Trai Byers!

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