Summer is upon us, meaning it’s time for us to get our summer bodies ready! Keep in mind that there’s no one way to have a summer body, as we’re all allowed to wear what we want when we want, but there’s no shame in eating healthier. As we continue to survive in a global pandemic where COVID-19 can exacerbate preexisting conditions, we want to be as healthy as possible. That being said, we can all agree that a little bit of healthy eating never hurt anyone. Changing up one’s diet can be difficult, but thankfully, we have Black women to inspire us. Women like Kelly Rowland and Kelis have been proud advocates of clean eating. If we can have just an ounce of their fabulousness, sign us up. Black women have always led the charge when it comes to creating real change, and it’s no different when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Check out our list of eight celebrity Black women who have championed healthy eating and inspired us to do the same.

1. Kelly Rowland


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Kelly Rowland recently teamed up with Silk for their #SwapItWithSilkChallenge in which people can opt for Silk’s dairy-free options instead of regularly used dairy products. If we can be half as dope as Rowland, we’ll throw out all of our dairy products tonight!

2. Ayesha Curry


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Last year, Ayesha Curry shared that she lives a dairy-free lifestyle and soon realized the positive effects that it has on her family. We love to see the entire family participating in healthy living.

3. Pinky Cole


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If you’ve ever had anything from Slutty Vegan, you know just how good plant-based food can be! Thanks to Pinky Cole, the CEO of Slutty Vegan and Bar Vegan, we know just how tasty it can be to make healthier dietary choices.

4. Kelis


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The “Bossy” singer may have started off teaching us how to utilize our milkshakes, but now she’s helping us eat better. Not only does Kelis have her own farm where she harvests food, but she’s also leading by example.

5. Beyoncé


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Whatever Beyoncé says, goes. So much so that we’re considering trying the 22-day vegan diet that she implemented in her routine a few years back. Queen Bey’s advocacy was so influential that she penned the forward for Marco Borges’ book, The 22-Day Revolution.

6. JT


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Listen, we all have an inner City Girl, so it’s only right that we join our girl JT during her weight loss journey for Coachella. Last month, the rapper let her social media fans inside her journey of healthier eating in preparation for the music festival.

7. Serena Williams


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Serena Williams may be the greatest athlete in the world and we can only hope to get the killer physique that she has. The tennis star’s diet includes a great deal of plant-based items, and we’re definitely taking notes.

8. Lizzo


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A few years back, Lizzo let us in on her newly minted journey with veganism, and we’ve stan her a little bit harder since. People might think that veganism automatically means the elimination of great-tasting foods, but Lizzo has shown us that you can still have good plant-based food.

What are some of your favorite healthy recipes? Do you have any folks who you look to for healthy food inspiration? Let us know!