As we trek into the last leg of February, it’s worth noting there’s something pretty significant happening in that time frame. If you guessed that it’s the beginning of the most fabulous season to ever exist, Pisces season, then you’re close. It happens to mark the birthday of the most fabulous Pisces to ever exist: Rihanna. Our favorite bad gal will be bringing in her 34th birthday on Feb. 20 and what can we say? We’re a little emotional. Not because birthdays can be sentimental, but because of how awesome it has been to witness Rihanna’s world domination, all before turning 40. From being one of the reigning queens of the music industry to dominating the beauty industry, Rihanna is and has always been the moment. The it girl, even.

With our reigning queen of all things savage bringing her own little bundle of joy into the world, this birthday is extra special; we’re happy to reminisce on eight times Rihanna encouraged us to tap into our inner savage.