Summer just got a whole lot hotter with the release of Burna Boy’s latest album Love, Damini. The Nigerian superstar is the latest to clamor for the proverbial crown of a summer smash hit as this entire album features one sizzling track after the other. This long-awaited project boasts many featured artists, including Kehlani, Blxst and Ed Sheeran, while showcasing Burna Boy’s versatility as an artist. In short, this album is nothing short of greatness, and we’ve officially rebranded ourselves as a Burna Boy stan account. Check out some of our favorite tracks from the project below.

"Solid" feat. Kehlani & Blxst

We do not deserve this particular song simply because it’s too good. The melodic combination of Burna Boy, Kehlani and Blxst was not on our 2022 vision board, but we’re so glad we got it anyway. We’ve all been in romantic situations with people who failed to keep it solid with us. This song reminds us that loyalty still exists and is rewarded with such.

"Last Last"

When Toni Braxton debuted “He Wasn’t Man Enough” more than two decades ago, it was a moment. It’s why “Last Last” is such a hit after sampling the aforementioned song. Burna Boy’s pleas with his lover over the smooth throwback sound make for an excellent addition to the album.

"Glory" feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Now, this is the way to open an album. Burna Boy’s enlisting of Ladysmith Black Mambazo to start off the project was a genius move. The group’s vocals only add to the majesty of the track as Burna Boy takes listeners on a journey through his life’s story.

"Different Size" feat. Victony

The phrase “different size” can be left up to interpretation and this song is proof of that. The richness in the tone of both artists atop a carefree beat is exactly the type of energy we need to tackle the rest of the summer. It’s giving what it’s supposed to give.

"For My Hand" feat. Ed Sheeran

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you opt to profess it in song form? This is the song to do that. Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran gleefully declare their love for their respective partners in this semi-upbeat banger.

"Dirty Secrets"

What’s your dirtiest secret? While you think about that, check this track out. As he rides the high-vibrational beat with an impressive voice register, Burna Boy confidently lets the woman of his dreams know that she’s his forever boo. We love a good love story!

"Wild Dreams" feat. Khalid

This song feels like a literal dream with the magnetic combination of Burna Boy and Khalid. We all have these huge dreams that don’t make sense to anyone but us. Despite how wild they may seem, keep powering forward.

"How Bad Could It Be"

Shoutout to Burna Boy for featuring the lows of relationships in this song. Oftentimes, it can seem like romantic relationships are filled with sparkles and unicorns, but that isn’t always the case.

What was your favorite track from this lyrical masterpiece? With all of these dope songs, it’s safe to say that Burna Boy will own next year’s award season.