Thanks to her quick thinking, A’nasia Clayton is a pint-sized hero. A few weeks ago, the 8-year-old and her mom, Janee, were at home in Maryland when she began to experience stroke symptoms

Clayton said, “And all of a sudden I was like ‘A’nasia, I can’t feel nothing on my left side. This headache? I don’t know what it is.'”

Because of her curiosity, A'nasia said she had recently come across the word "stroke" and realized that's exactly what was happening to her mom. Without hesitation, she called 9-1-1 for help

A’nasia: “Hello?” Dispatcher: “Hello. 911. Do you have an emergency?” A’nasia: “I am in the house with my mom, and I think she had a stroke now.” Dispatcher: “And why do you think she is having a stroke?” A’nasia: “Um, because her face is turning to the right.”A’nasia: “The door is unlocked. I just unlocked it.” Dispatcher: “Alright dear. You are doing a great job. Your mom is going to be awful proud of you the way you are helping her out.”

Charles County plans to award A'nasia for her heroism. She says she was just doing her job

“She is something very special to me because she is one of my parents,” A’nasia Clayton said

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