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9 shirts that will give you a boost of self-confidence

Sometimes even the most confident of people need a boost to remind themselves how fabulous they are. Whether you pick up a self-help book, have a heart-to-heart with friends or give yourself some affirmations in the mirror, there’s an even quicker and easier way to achieve that “Feelin’ Myself” state of mind. Simply throw on a witty and stylish graphic t-shirt on your next day off. Not only will you feel instantly better, you’ll let everyone else know what’s good. Bon Bon Vie is a brand dedicated to self-love and celebrating your personal joy with t-shirts and sweatshirts proclaiming your amazing qualities. There's truly a line for everyone — check out some of our favorites below!  

1. All I Do is Win, $28

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie DJ Khaled has brought us so many gems of wisdom in recent months, but his song "All I Do Is Win" is the confident disclaimer we all need to remember more often. It's ok to be a little braggadocious sometimes.

2. Black is Beautiful, $40

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie A simple message but an important one. Embrace your beautiful with straightforward text over a beautiful afro. Because black IS beautiful.

3. Caribbean Queen, $28

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie You're royalty and you know it. So go ahead and show it.

4. Entrepreneur, $40

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie For anyone who's working hard and wants the world to know.

5. Easy on the eyes, $28

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie When you look good and you know it, don't shy away from a confidence-boosting t-shirt with beautiful typography to match.

6. Brown Skin Lady, $28

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie Your melanin is poppin' and this top is too.

7. Good Life, $28 

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie Reflect on the positive things in your life and realize that you're truly living the good life. And then get this shirt to match.

8. Hair Envy, $40 

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie Rocking a new hairstyle? Let ‘em know about your versatility and all the ways you can look fantastic with this sweatshirt.

9. Afrique C’est Chic, $28

Bon Bon Vie Photo: Bon Bon Vie This one really speaks for itself. Afrique c'est chic — and you are too.
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