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Christine Christine Cauthen

Christine's posts

Chance the Rapper covering Drake is exactly what you need to hear today

How can you not love Chance the Rapper? He's busy changing the way we consume music, giving back to his community, being a leader and all the while providing us with songs we can't help but play on repeat. So when he stopped by the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, we were excited to see what he would cover. He chose "Feel No Ways" off Drake's latest album, Views, and added his own original...

This police officer's wife faked a vandalism and put the blame on BLM

When Maria Daly reported a burglary earlier this month at her Millbury, Massachusetts home, police found "BLM" tagged on the outside of her house. But the local police chief, Donald Desorcy, had a feeling that something was off from the beginning of the investigation. She posted the "vandalism" to Facebook, writing "This is what we have to deal with these days and it makes me...

This poetry exhibition explores the intersections of race, activism and art

Exploring your identity is one of the most essential components to being content with yourself. There are a variety of ways to embrace one's identities, whether they be on a personal or national level. American Stanzas: 2006-2016 with Rachel Eliza Griffiths, a poetry exhibition exploring just that, opens Friday at Poets House in New York. The project explores how race, activism and...