Most young kids aren’t thinking about how they can serve others on their birthday. For the most part, they’re concerned with their gifts and having fun. We all have been nine, before so we understand. However, there’s one 9-year-old that makes the rest of us realize we need to step our humanity game up.

In Detroit, 9-year-old Samya McLaughlin, decided that instead of receiving gifts, she wanted to give gifts. Using her birthday money, McLaughlin brought bagged lunches for police officers in Detroit’s 11th precinct.

After watching what happened in Dallas, McLaughlin wanted to do something special for the officers in her community. “I was thinking that I should feed the police officers because I wanted to show them that I support them and I thank them for all that they do,” she told CBS Detroit. In return for her generous gift, the officers made Samya McLaughlin ” Officer of the Day” and presented her with gifts.

The awesomeness of this 9-year-old didn’t stop there. She passed out about 30 bagged lunches to the homeless in Detroit as well.

Happy Birthday to Samya McLaughlin and way to go for showing that you can have #blackgirlmagic even at a young age.


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