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We Need To Talk About The Significance Of Princess Shuri And Seeing A Black Girl In STEM

We need to talk about Princess Shuri.'Black Panther' is not only a movie; it's an experience. Not only did it amass more than $200 million dollars during its opening weekend -- proving that black people are powerful beyond measure -- it also showcased characters with depth.But, as powerful as 'Black Panther' was for the adults, the potential impact it can have...

White People, Stop Using MLK To Push Your Tired Agenda

Black people can never have a moment of peace. We get the shortest month of the year, yet we can’t have 28 days of nothing but genuine celebration of our blackness. We have changed the world in countless ways, but we may never get the credit we deserve. We don’t get the chance to revel in our accomplishments and celebrate the hard work done by those among us and who came...

Higher Education Becomes Vital For the Next Generation Of Leaders

As the cost to attain a college degree continues to grow, the need for a college degree grows even larger. We all want financial stability and believe in economic empowerment. Getting a college degree plays into both of those things and is worth the financial sacrifice. Why you ask? Because the pay gap between college grads and those without a college degree is real. In 2015 college...