A trip to the barbershop that could have gone really wrong went so suprisingly right when an unexpected visitor gave his opinion on Kanye West.

Twitter user @RafiDAngelo visited his local barbershop on a Tuesday instead of his usual Thursday. While he anticipated seeing a different crowd, he wasn't expecting to see a white guy posted up in the barber chair. 

Everything was pretty normal until a stylist brought up the subject that's been on the tip of everyone's lips: Kanye West.

The white man then uttered two words no one wants to hear a white man say: "well actually..."

Rafi got nervous.

Then, he spoke. 

Oh. Snap.

The shop then got silent, a rarity in any black barbershop. Our narrator was pulling an undercover mission, so he remained quiet.

Then, it happened.

Whew! That was a close one. For once, a white opinion in a room full of black folks went swimmingly well. 

Good job, Chadley.