Update (July 13, 2020): Actress Naya Rivera has been confirmed dead after authorities said they are "confident" the body found on Lake Piru Monday morning was of the 33-year-old, E News reports.

The news comes just hours after Ventura County Sherrif's Office said they recovered a body on the lake.

The body was found floating on the surface of the lake and was found by people searching for the actress.

An autopsy of the body and a review of dental records will be conducted to positively identify the remains.

Capt. Eric Buschow told E News that friends and family of Rivera gathered by the lake to pray just before the body was found. 

Original (July 13, 2020): A body has been recovered at Lake Piru in California, days after actress Naya Rivera was reported missing. 

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office confirmed the discovery of the body and that recovery is in progress. 

The identity of the body has not been confirmed, and officials said a press conference will take place at 2 p.m.

The discovery of the body comes just days after Rivera went missing while out on the lake with her 4-year-old son, as Blavity previously reported

The two were last spotted walking toward the water on July 8 after officials released surveillance video from the lake's parking lot. 

According to NBC 7, her son was found asleep on the pontoon boat that Rivera had rented.

"I can't make any sense of what happened," said Ventura County Deputy Chris Dyer. "We just know that we found a 4-year-old on a boat, and he said that his mother never got back in."

Sonar equipment and divers were previously used to help search the lake for Rivera. She was presumed dead on July 9 after officials stated they were shifting their efforts to a recovery mission.

Sgt. Kevin Donoghue said Rivera's son "gave enough information to investigators to conclude that his mother never made it out of the water," CBS News reported.

The son, who still had on his life jacket when he was found, said that they went swimming in the water.

During their initial search, authorities said the lake varied in size and visibility at certain points.

“There’s a lot of challenges in a reservoir this size, at times with visibility,” Capt. Eric Buschow told CBS Los Angeles. “I don’t have details yet as to the depth of the area where the boat was found or what conditions they’re encountering out there.”

Just a day before she was reported missing, the 33-year-old posted a picture of herself and her son with the caption "just the two of us."