A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie hired his friend Kai Cenat to direct his newest music video. The “Did Me Wrong” video was released on Tuesday. It follows the Bronx native as he looks back on a toxic relationship and how it tied him down.

In the video, the 27-year-old stands on a rooftop, dramatically throwing his written rhythms in the air. A Boogie was in his bag during the video shoot. In one scene, he portrays he’s heartbroken while rapping in the rain. In other shots, a masked woman is seen controlling A Boogie with strings — a puppet master — symbolizing the relationship’s control over him.

In another scene, A Boogie is surrounded by women who circle him while picking up name-brand shopping bags — symbolizing the many women he encounters. Cenat’s directorial debut shows off his storytelling skills. The Twitch streamer placed another masked individual who cuts A Boogie free of his strings in the video. Cenat also makes a quick appearance in the video.

“I wrote this song for the last bi**h that did me wrong. I can’t believe you turned your back when I was all alone,” he sings.

The track was produced by S. Dot and 254Bodi, who used the song samples from Isaac Hayes’ “Ike Mood 1.” Lyrically, the song matches perfectly with the video. The Highbridge artist reminisces on a love that failed due to his boundaries being crossed. He also addresses fake friends, haters, and having to watch his back. 

The single “Did Me Wrong” is featured on his EP, B4 BOA, which was released on Sept. 8.