As the job market continues on its rollercoaster of available positions to job seekers, having a solid resume with relevant and verifiable work experience remains an integral part of landing the perfect job. From summarizing your work history to showcasing your soft skills, writing or updating a resume can feel like a daunting task, especially in today’s ever-changing career climate

While resumes have been a staple of the hiring process since the 1930s, history suggests the concept has been around for much longer. There is no data to concretely point to the person who invented resumes. The idea of putting forth an experience summary traces back to 1482 when Leonardo da Vinci wrote a letter documenting his skills in an effort to receive support from the Duke of Milan. Modern resumes look a lot different, but one thing remains — having a summary of your skills is relevant to remaining competitive in the job market.

Since September is International Update Your Resume Month, Blavity sat down with Career and Corporate Consultant Tiara Swain of Swain Solutions Services. Swain, whose experience includes increasing revenue, reducing expenses and developing brand strategies for Fortune 500 companies, shared tips for optimizing your resume for the best results.