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A Detroit School Can't Locate Student Transcripts So Graduates Are Missing Out On Job Opportunities

Miona Jones and Devanni Robinson are two Detroit Cares Alternative Academy graduates whose professional lives have been stalled by the mishap.

Miona Jones and Devanni Robinson are two black women who want to be great.

The ladies applied for jobs at a Fiat Chrysler dealership and later received a call from the company saying they couldn't locate their records.

Although Jones and Robinson graduated from Detroit Cares Alternative Academy in 2012, somehow there is no proof of their education.

When the two women sought their records from the Detroit Public Schools Community District, a representative told them the school could not locate any records.

"I actually called, and the lady said they had no records of our transcripts, diplomas stating that we graduated, nothing," Robinson told Fox 2 Detroit.  

The Academy was open from 2007-2012 and operated under a nonprofit headed by Reverend Horace Sheffield. "The Detroit Public Schools is responsible for the management and the maintenance of these records," Sheffield said. Students' records were lost when the system went through a period of "emergency management," during the 2011-2012 school year.  

"So now I'm without a Chrysler job," Jones told Fox 2 Detroit.

The blunder has affected the professional lives of other students, as well, and the local news station is working to get to the bottom of what has become a significant issue and an interference in the futures of young people destined for greatness. 

Sheffield said he would follow up with Chrysler on the girls' behalf and do his best to track down the necessary information. 

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Maya is a politics writer with Blavity and alumna of Hampton University, who just wants justice for black folks. She's currently navigating the nonprofit world and attempting to make diversity happen, and also a writing fellow with Center for Community Change. Follow her on Twitter & IG @MJBoddie.