If you ever wondered what happened to Ms. "Sitting on the Toilet" or Mr. “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife" from memeing’s earliest years, look no further. There’s a thread for that.

Twitter user Max Klenk conducted a “where are they now” investigation into the lives of some of our favorite people from the internet's earliest viral stars.

In an April 4 tweet, Klenk spilled the tea on some of social media’s most memorable faces and revealed what they have been up to post-internet fame.

Tahji Thompson went viral with her "I Need a Pencil" rap video over eight years ago. The YouTube video has amassed nearly 30 million views and counting. Since the fame, she has served in the Navy, become a filmmaker and begun studying at Broward College. 

YouTuber Elonia aka Nonnie has been an active creative online since her viral video "Sitting on the Toilet." 

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You may remember Scarlet from the "Scarlet Takes a Tumble" video, but her name isn't Scarlet; it's Paige. In the years following her video, she appeared on several talk shows discussing the video and how it came together.  

And last but not least, Antione Dodson, aka the "Hide Yo Kids" dude from a 2010 news interview with a local NBC affiliate, turned his fame into a business. Dodson, who is now a father, capitalized on the success of "Bed Intruder Song," with merchandise and television appearances. 

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