One college student proves to all us timid folks the value of shooting your shot.

A Temple University student who goes by Sylvia on Twitter told the Twitterverse that in addition to having the gall to slide into Michael B. Jordan's DMs, she received a response from him. The venture paid off with a set of seriously cute pictures. 

"So I slid in his DM’s, and then this happened," Sylvia (@SylaRenee) wrote in a Tuesday, May 1, post. 

The student at the Philadelphia university explained that she offered the Black Panther actor a smoothie in exchange for a picture. He insisted that she didn't have to buy him anything, letting her know if she wanted a picture to come to his trailer. 

Jordan is currently in Philadelphia filming Creed II, the eighth installment of the Rocky film series. The cast and crew of the movie stopped at Temple University's campus to film, and that's when Sylvia decided to shoot her shot. 

As we can see, it wasn't in vain. Now, Twitter has rallied behind the college junior in letting her know that all of us are here for it and want to see more. 

One person even went back to Jordan's DMs to let him know that all of us are rooting for them. 

Let this be a reminder that we miss 100 percent of the shots we don't take. Therefore, shoot your shot every time.