A new report from gun safety nonprofit Everytown found that one-third of this decade's mass shootings were done by people motivated by white supremacist views or teachings. The group examined media reports and evidence from each mass shooting between 2009 and 2019. 

"For decades, the gun lobby has not only enabled access to guns by anti-government and white supremacist extremists through its advocacy against common-sense gun laws, but has also worked to harness their fixation on guns to shore up its own political power; in doing so, the gun lobby has amplified extreme-right politics to new and broader audiences," the report read.

"The gun lobby’s rhetorical, political, and sometimes organizational overlap with the extreme right—from the militia movement of the 1990s to the 'boogaloo bois' of today—has yielded dangerous and, at times, catastrophic results," the report added.

For decades, gun lobbyists, including Gun Owners of America executive director emeritus Larry Pratt and NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, have stoked fear and continue to foment violent ideologies tied to gun ownership, according to the Everytown report.

Other studies have drawn ties between a web of gun lobbyists and violent extremist groups, but the Everytown study dives into how the movements have evolved since the beginning of the administration of former President Barack Obama

With Obama's elections in 2008, gun lobbyists saw an opportunity to marry traditional white supremacist terror groups with anti-government ideologies, masking the need for guns to preserve "freedom" and "traditional values," the study stated. 

Throughout Obama's time in office, LaPierre and others became famous for tying the former president's desire for gun regulation directly to his Blackness, harping on his "otherness" and combining it with conspiratorial fears of government takeovers. 

NRA became well known for releasing dozens of ads exemplifying "the rhetorical trifecta of grievance, otherizing opponents, and a veiled call to violence," according to the report.